Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Inspiration #2014bloggerchallenge

In the two weeks leading up to the "Going Live" date of the #2014bloggerchallenge, I was considering what inspires me and is really a defining feature in my life. Now this being a blog with somewhat of a beauty bias you - and maybe even me - might have expected that my defining inspiration sprang from somewhere in the beauty sphere.

However, thinking about if the one thing which has shaped every year since I turned 17 and after having wanted to experience it for much longer, came into my life just before my 18 birthday (no, I'm not talking about sex): 


(I should also add that I met my future husband which I'm going to marry on 18 January in Innsbruck on the way to a week's skiing holiday in the Italian Dolomites).

I was hooked from the first day I carefully slid down the beginner slope, very much focused on progressing on to the "real mountain" - and that I did!

For me skiing proved to be one of those things that once experienced never let you go again - a bit like possible (allegdly) heroin addiction and also possibly as or even more costly than a Class A habit.

However, for me it was a bit like an ephiphany - I live to ski. When I'm not skiing, I quite possibly think about skiing, when to go next, for how long, where, whether to opt for experiencing new slopes, mountain ranges or even countries or to go an revisit old favourites (as no run ever is the same anyway due to chaning conditions and people around or just due to the way you feel while you are skiing it).

So therefore here is a little bit of a picture collection of my first ever skiing trip which has inspired and motivated me to improve further and to push myself harder ever since!

(also will give a nice flashback to 90s ski fashion...)

And this is how it all began!

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