Friday, 29 November 2013

The Skin Project - My Skin

I'm excited to be part of The Skin Project blog series created by the lovely Lianne over at The Brunette Says!

I have found that in the last couple of years I've come much more aware of how skin care and make up are affecting my skin.

This awareness is not just restricted to watching out for and hopefully preventing signs of ageing but also making sure that sun damage is guarded against and that skin care and make up are chosen to suit my skin and promote skin health.

My Skin Type
My skin is quite pale with a warm undertone.

Consequently, products with an SPF are  a must! 

If I go anywhere with serious sun exposure SPF50 is a must and I have found for me frequent re-application is key to preventing sun burn e.g. when I go skiing I apply one layer before breakfast, one after and then re-apply at least every 90 minutes (that's what lift rides are for).

I'd describe 80% of my skin as dry with the exception of my nose which is sometimes slightly oilier so I'm conscious of having to strike a balance with my skin care!

Problem Areas
As I have got older I have become more prone towards redness around the nose area which in my case is triggered by sudden temperature change. (When I'm going skiing I'm always wearing a sunscreen with in-built wind and cold protection to guard against this).

I sometimes suffer from hormonal break outs in my chin area.

Wrinkle Alert
My key focus in terms of first signs of aging are my eyes!

As a contact lense wearer I'm aware that the regular wear of the same puts about five years on your skin age in the eye are due to the increased blinking frequency.

If I put my nose directly against the mirror I can see fine lines now so caring for my eye are is a must!

I also make sure that my neck area is always very well moisturised to keep the skin as supple as possible!

My Skin in Zones
Forehead: Dry
Cheeks:    Normal to dry
Nose:       Normal to oily
Chin:         Normal but prone to hormonal break outs

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Premae Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil - Review & Snowflake-themed Giveaway!

The Review!
When I attended the Premae Skincare Beauty Blogger Event in London about two weeks ago, Premae kindly gave me a bottle of their Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil formulated for dry skin to try out.

(See my previous post on their allergen-free, organic & cruelty-free skincare brand here)

The Product - Radicance Boost Cleansing Oil

1/3 used after 2 weeks of twice daily use.

This is how Premae describes their Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil:
"The Safflower Flower, Vitamin A enriched formula offers a gentle emollient that works for Dry and Mature skin types and is ideal for dehydrated and chapped skin.
Gently removes makeup and other impurities. Unclogs pores. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and illuminated."
Radicance Boost Cleansing Oil retails for £22.50.

My skin: I'd describe my skin as dry (with the exception of my nose...) with a particularly dry forehead but also quite sensitive and prone to redness if products are too harsh.  To sum it up: I'm always looking for moisturising, gentle products to lock in moisture and maintain skin elasticity!

Review Period: Monday, 11 November - Sunday, 24 November inclusive

Usage: While reviewing the Premae Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil I used it twice daily.  In the morning to give my skin a light, general clean and in the evening to clean and remove face as well as eye make up.

In the morning I put one pump of cleansing oil on a cotton wool pad and gently used it to cleanse my face. I followed this up with my own toner to remove any cleansing oil traces.

In the evening I used 1 and a half pumps on a cotton wool pad to remove my make up thoroughly and then I used a second, clean cotton wool pad with one pump of cleansing oil to remove my eye make-up as well.

Same as in the morning I followed with a toner to remove traces of oil.

How did the Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil perform & how did it make my skin feel? 
I felt the product gave my skin a deep clean without stripping it of moisture or making it feel dry and over-cleansed.

On my skin it felt that the product locked in moisture and helped for my skin to feel moisturised after use.

It removed eye make-up well and because of the oil-based formula I felt it was particularly suitable for the eye area giving an additional moisture boost.

My Eyes & the Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil
As I have been wearing contact lenses for years my eyes are quite sensitive and I'm always careful to choose products which do not irritate my sensitive eye area.

I once accidentally got quite a lot of Radiance Cleansing Oil into my right eye when removing my make up and it did not burn at all. It took a couple of blinks to get it out but the entire time my eyes did not burn or water - truly remarkable!

I would highly recommend that if you have sensitive eyes and are worried about eye make up remover irritating them to give this a try!

My Overall Verdict
After two weeks of continuous use I felt that this cleanser worked well with my skin type keeping it moisturised while at the same time balancing out my slightly oilier nose area.

I experienced no irritations or break outs and found that this definitely worked well for adding extra moisture into my skin care routine!

In fact I'm so impressed with this brand that I have just gone and ordered the Harmony Holiday Xmas Duo Gift Set (containg the Harmony Balm & Serum and the Supreme Multi-Vit Serum) as I'm really keen to add some more extra moisture into my skin care routine!

The Snowflake-themed Giveaway!

Premae has kindly provide me with a full-sized Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil to give away to my readers and as we are nearing Christmas and I'm obsessed with snow and snowflakes, I thought I throw in this white M&S cup with red snowflakes too!

To enter you need to follow my blog on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect (you can also log in with Twitter if you don't have a GFC account) and you need to follow Premae Skincare on Twitter.

If you are under 18 please ensure that you have permission to enter as you will need to provide you postal address if you win!

This Giveaway is open internationally!

Rafflecopter Standard T&Cs apply!

Closing Date: Monday, 16 December 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lime Crime 30% off U.S. Orders (29/30 November 2013)

Just a little heads up that Lime Crime will be offering 30% when shopping on their website (excluding pink velvet) and there will be free shipping on any orders exceeding $50.

(Needless to say that being U.K. based I can't take advantage of this...but thought I share the joy anyway!)

limecrime makeup velvetines babette coquette

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

#British Blogger Selection - My Favourite Clothes Shop

Now this question poses a bit of a problem as I love to check out different shops but my brand loyalty in terms of clothing is to be brutally honest - Less than Zero!

The reason for this is that I've found in the past couple of years that due to changing trends I find myself drawn to different shops/high street retailers depending how well- in my opinion - they interpret a current trend or more often than not are not going in big for one of the more annoying trends around (you know the one's - there looking at them you can already tell now that it'll take less than two years for you looking at pictures of yourself wearing "that"...).

This season so far I have been liking (in no particular order):

Biba @ House of Fraser for coats 

New Look for a great selection of fashionable yet affordable shoes

French Connection for great quality, stylish clothes


and I'm loving for design-led yet affordable pieces!

If you want to join the "British Blogger Selection" click the button on my side bar and it'll take you to sign up!

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Friday, 15 November 2013

#British Blogger Selection: Q & A

I have just joined the #British Blogger Selection created by Ellie at Litte Vintage Camera - if you don't know her blog, you have to check it out!

The #British Blogger Selection consists of a series of themed posts which go live every Sunday and I'm looking forward to see how different bloggers interact with the topics chosen by Ellie!

There is still time to join - just hit the button on my side bar and everything will explain itself - you will just need to contact Ellie with your Blog URL, your e-mail and your first and last name!

But now without further ado:

Question One: Why Do You Like blogging?
I find blogging great to formulate& streamline  my views on a lot of beauty and some other bits and pieces (plus I find it quite handy to go back in my blog to check on products I have used in the past regarding repurchasing etc.)

Question Two: How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name? 

My blog name is basically a combination of the two things I'm really into: Mountains and Beauty - hence being called Mountainbeauty!

Question Three: Where From The UK Do You Come From?

As far as the UK goes Newcastle via London and Carlisle.

Question Four: Favourite Colour? 

Though shalt have no other Gods beside me: Black!

Question Five: Do You Like Lana Del Ray?
She's ok but not hard enough for my taste (I like The Libertines, My Chemical Romance and Alice in Chains better).

Question Six: Hidden Talents That You Have?

I'm an all right skier - not that hidden (and probably not that much of a talent comparatively speaking) but I guess it's not that evident when just walking down the street, so it'll have to do for "hidden talent".

Question Seven: Celebrity Crush?

To keep this current let's go with Alexander Skarsgard.

Question Eight: Favourite Blog Of All Time? 
Difficult - one I have discovered recently and quite like is "Diary of a Debutante" - generally speaking I love Blogs written by people living in different countries because it gives such a great insight into different cultures/ways of life (really it's a bit like travelling from the comfort of your armchair).

Question Nine: What Made You Want To Join #BritishBloggerSelection? 

I quite fancied switching it up a bit! 

If you fancy joining the "'British Blogger Challenge" hit the button on the side bar!

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FOTD - Friday's Face

Just a quick note on the rationale underpinning today's Make Up appliation - I'm in the process of deciding on my "Face of the Day" to wear next Saturday when I'm in the Lake District for a wedding. So I'm testing out looks suitable for day wear which I'd like to stay put from 8am to approximately 4pm (with minimal touch ups)!

Prepping the Skin!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Aesthetico Hydrating Cream SPF 15 - to lock in moisture & add an SPF of 15. This cream sinks in fast and the range has been developed by dermatologists (I get it from my dermatologist in Germany but it's also available online).

2. Simple Regeneration Age Resistant Eye Cream -I have been using eye cream on a daily basis (morning & night since I was 21) and no day is complete without it. This is light yet nourishing and is again absorbed quickly which is important to ensure that my eye make up stays in place.

3. L'Oreal Collagen Wrinkle De-Crease Filler Eye - This was purchased by accident by my Fiance when trying to buy my favourite eye cream by L'Oreal in Boots (which turned out to be discontinued...) but I quite enjoy applying a thin layer of this prior to Make Up application under my eyes, between my eyebrows and along the outline of my top lip (kind of as a pre-emptive measure).

4. Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner - just popping this intensive conditioner on my lips to soften them while I apply my Make Up!

Creating the Base!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Skin79 Super BB Cream (used as Primer) - I'm applying a think layer of this Korean BB cream which evens out my skin tone and gives my skin an additional hit of skin care benefits (whitening i.e. working on acting on discoloration rather than lightening my skin tone, SPF25 and wrinkle improvement...) and makes my foundation go on evenly.

(Being an Asian BB Cream this works extremely well with pale/fair skin when worn on its own.)

2. YSL Forever Youth Liberator Foundation in "BR20 Beige Rose" - Having been expertly matched at the YSL Counter this matches my skin perfectly. I'm applying this with my Real Technique stippling brush and it goes on super smoothly creating a luminous finish.  Being a serum foundation this also has a skin care element adding in more moisture.

This Foundation lasts extremely well on my skin (dry forehead, cheeks & chin but slightly oilier nose). This might be too heavy for somebody with oily skin.

I'm using what is left on my stippling brush to apply a thin layer of foundation across my eyelids to act as a base - I do this a lot as I don't have oily eyelids and it works well for me (but clearly is one of those things which is not for everyone).

3. Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye in "light" - I apply this in a triangle shape under both eyes and blend it out with my ringer finger. This creates a flawless under-eye finish, lighting up the under-eye area and doesn't crease on me (I do not set my under-eye concealer with powder preferring a slightly lighter look)

4. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in "Cameo" - a very light dusting applied all over with my Real Techniques Powder Brush which sets my foundation without taking away any of the luminosity of the base (as I think there is really no point of paying for a High End luminous foundation and then mattifying it into oblivion with powder...).

The shade "Cameo" is great for pale skin as it does not darken the finish of the foundation at all but keeps it beautifully light.

Adding Colour back in!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Soap &Glory Peach Party Mulit-coloured shimmer brick - This adds a nice, subtle peach glow to my cheeks - the four colours in the shimmer brick swirl together to create the perfect peach-toned blusher for me!

I love that I don't need to add on an additional highlighter because this is already mixed in - giving a perfect glow which is light enough to wear during the day.

My eye look is quite light with a little added definition in the outer part of my crease keeping it suitable for day wear!

2. Alverde Eyeshadow Mono Matte in "20 Warm Vanilla" - this forms a light, matte base for my eye look and I'm applying this all over the moveable part of my lid pulling it up to just 0.5mm under my eyebrow line.

(BTW Alverde is an award winning German organic drugstore/high Street brand)

3. E.L.F. Single Eyeshadow in "Sunset" - I apply this in the crease emphasising the outer third of the crease. My eyeshadow application for this is quite round pulled out towards and slightly beyond the edge of my eye.  I then pull the colour in to emphasise the last quarter of my upper lash line - creating an outer-V shape.

I blend the crease colour out removing any hard edges.

4. Artdeco Baked Eyeshadow No. 18 - I'm applying this in the outer corner of my crease to add some more definition and then blend the colour out.

(Artdeco is available in some Debenhams and on their website but they seem to have run out of this eyeshadow)

Finishing the Look!
Products numbered in order of application!

1. P2 Waterproof clear lash & brow mascara (limited edition no longer available) - I apply this on my upper lashes which - once dry will form a great basis for my mascara.

2. Maybelline The Rocket in "Very Black" - I apply a couple of coats on top of the P2 gel formula which results in extra length. I love the intensive eye look The Rocket creates.

3. Carmex Moisture Plus in "Peach" - I swipe this over my lips for moisture with a peachy tint (and it's super easy to touch up on the go)

Application Time: 20 Minutes

What's on your face today?

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Liebster Awards

I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated by Beki from (check out her blog!!!) for this award!

This award was created by a German blogger (clue is in the name: "Liebster" - superlative of "lieb" meaning "most favourite") and is awarded by bloggers to bloggers recognising bloggers achievements which are not always reflected in the number of followers alone!

I feel this is a great encouragement and I'm hoping that I and my blog will continue to grow and to progress!

The Rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.

3. Nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 1000 followers.

4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of their nomination. (I'm going to use Twitter for this!)

5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

My 11 questions for my nominees!
1. What motivated you to start blogging?
2. Falsh lashes - yes or no?
3. Which product is your holy grail skin care product?
4. Which product do you think is over-rated?
5. Favourite Drugstore product!
6. Favourite High End Product!
7. Have you been to IMATS?
8. Favourite Sport/fitness activity
9. Hair straighteners or curling wands/tongs (I'm trying to decide which one to buy...)
10. Most embarrassing make up malfunction?
11. Favourite make up application technique!

My Answers!

1. If you had to use only one makeup item for the rest of your life what would it be?

Probably, a really great foundation - as great looking skin is really my priority!

2. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand?
This is difficult as I go to different brands for different things - but if I have to choose just one then it's got to be Bourjois!

3. Whats your staple fashion item for A/W?
Biker Boots!

4. How long have you been blogging for?
For about six months now (with a bit of a summer break).

5. What is your favorite scent?
"Light Blue" by Dolce & Gabbana (though "Cool Water" for women by Davidoff comes a very, very close second)

6. Dark or bright nail polish?
Dark, darker, the darkest! Black is the new Black!

7. Foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer?
Got to be foundation because I just need to mix my foundation with my moisturiser or a serum and hey presto, DIY BB cream or tinted moisturiser!

8. Are you a fan or LUSH? Whats your favorite thing from there?
You know what - I always mean to go there but somehow haven't been for ages (usually because once I have left Boots/Superdrug I have kind of exhausted my beauty budget for the day...)

9. Favorite thing about Christmas?
Probably the anticipation (but if you want to read me rambling on about Christmas ad nauseam I suggest you click here).

10. What beauty item is top of your wishlist?
The Naked Palette 3 (out mid-December which has a strong rose-gold bias!)

11. Whats your favorite kind of blog post to write?
I love talking about products in detail as I'm of a quite analytical disposition (probably a touch too much sometimes).

And my nominees are - please step forward (in no particular order):

Rebecca from

Taya from

Kaya from

Sandy from

Nicola from

Auf Wiedersehen und danke fΓΌr den Fisch!

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The #2014BloggerChallenge (created by Another Girly Blog)!

When I spotted a tweet going past in my Twitter Newsfeed talking about the #2014Blogger Challenge created by Gaby found at Another Girly Blog, I had to check it out!

I loved the idea of creating two posts a month on a given topic but leaving the creative execution of the topics and the angle to take to the individual blogger because I figured that would make not only for a fun challenge to create stimulating content but should also result in lots of varied posts to check up on!

(In fact considering that as I write this 69 bloggers have already joined, I'm getting a bit worried whether I'll be able to get anything done with all the fantastic content, I'll want to keep up-to-date on!)

If that's something you'd think you'd enjoy being part off then contact Gaby on with your Blog URL, your e-mail and your name and she'll ping you the details!

Please see below for her post giving you a bit more information about the amazing challenge she has created:

!Hi everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching which means 2014 is right around the corner.

The New Year is a time for resolutions and starting fresh, so why not start with a challenge to kick off the new year! I have come up with the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about.

Anyone can get involved, whatever your blog topic! Whether you write about cooking, beauty, lifestyle or fitness. What's in it for you I hear you ask? Well... If you participate in the #2014BloggerChallenge, you'll get more blog traffic, discover new blogs and make friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed! 

All you have to do to get involved is leave a comment down below with your blog URL, email address and name so I can add you to the list of participants. 

Let's start 2014 with a bang and let's see how many of you we can get involved with this challenge!!

Have a beautiful day!"

Thinking of getting your NY's resolutions in early and joining this exciting blogging challenge?

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Premae - The World's First Allergen Free Beauty Brand

The Brand Philosophy & Product Lines (Part 1)

On Sunday, 10 November, I was lucky enough to have been selected to attend the  "Premae (click the brand's name to follow them on Twitter) Glasgow Beauty Blogger Event" where the founder of the brand - the lovely and very knowledgeable Clare Eluka (click their names to follow them on Twitter) - together with the brands PR, Marketing & Communication Manager - the very enthusiastic and extremely friendly Pariss Sloan Docherty - were very keen to discuss all things Premae with infectious enthusiasm.

Pariss & Clare
Tirade Magazine & British Vogue
featuring Premae

Consequently, two hours passed in a flash!

The Philosophy
Clare founded Premae because she realised when suffering from Candida Albican while a university student that while there were vegan and cruelty-free brands there was no allergen-free skin care range which triggered seven years' of research culminating in the founding her own skin care range Premae! 

The name Premae is derived from Premium Formulae - highlighting what is at the heart of the brand:

Creating unique, high quality products specifically formulated to target severe problem skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis to name but a few areas of key concern.

It is Clare's vision to enable people using her product to feel comfortable in their own skin, to free their skin from restrictions placed upon it by debilitating - both from a cosmetic as well as an emotional point of view - skin conditions.

I was very impressed when Clare summed up that she feels her products are succeeding when her customers feel that Make Up has once again become an accessory for self-expression rather than being used as a mask granting:

"Beautiful Freedom".

Ultimately, glowing with health luminous skin speaks for itself and having seen both Clare and Pariss close up, I can vouch that they are certainly great advertisements for the brand's effectiveness.

(Meeting Pariss in person you would never guess that before switching her facial skin care regime to Premae products, she was affected by psoriasis).

The Target Group
Whilst the range is of course suitable and very good for normal, dry and combination skin, its strength lies in offering very real relief to people suffering from serious skin conditions (such as eczema, dermatitis, adult acne or psoriasis) which are very hard to control and can have a debilitating effect on suffers' confidence.

Premae is a unisex brand.

So if you have highly sensitive skin or are suffering from eczema, dermatitis, adult acne or psoriasis and want a skin care range that has been formulated which just your issues in mind, then I strongly recommend you give Premae a try!

As psoriasis runs in my family - though luckily I'm not (yet) affected by it - I'm super excited having found a skin care brand formulated with the issues affecting sufferers in mind!

Equally, if you have (thankfully) reasonably normal skin and like it to stay that way and believe in a skin-care-led approach, then you should look into Premae.

The Buzz
Since Premae was founded by Clare just under two years ago on 1 December 2011, the brand has gone from strength to strength and the recognition of its unique features and strengths has been almost instantaneous and the awards just keep coming (see here)!

The two stand-out awards for me personally are the:

because this award recognises the brand's
commitment to organic & cruelty beauty!


because this highlights the brand's achievements
in relieving serious skin issues!

Press Coverage
I was very impressed on Sunday when Clare and Pariss talked us through the press coverage Premae has received with high end publications reflecting the brand's high quality product selection and being testimony to the effectiveness of its various product lines (for an overview of press coverage see here).

Since its launch Premae has never been off Vogue's radar and has been featured several times in their beauty pages!

And they are once again featured in British Vogue's current December issue out now!

Harmony Holiday Gift Set (£27.50)
as seen in:
December 2013 Issue British Vogue, October 2013 Issue Tirade Magazine & Glossy Box May & October 2013

Tirade Magazine Issue 2
2 page advertorial spread of "Harmony Multi-Vit Serum"

The Product Lines
Harmony (which we got to try out on the day) - formulated with the needs of combination skin/adult acne sufferers in mind

Anatomy Nutrients - moisture-rich body care line

Balance Rescue - formulated for adult acne sufferers

Clemensy - their award winning skin care formulated for psoriasis sufferers

Gallant - their male skin care line

Pharma 100 - the range's vegan, organic alternative to E-45

Plush Therapy - Premae's spa range

Pristeen - formulated for break out prone teenage skin

Radiance Boost - formulated to be suitable for anti-aging skin care, dermatitis, dry skin/eczema & mature skin

Supreme - formulated for dry skin/eczema

Tender Tots - protective skin care for infants and newborns 

Triumph - anti-aging skin care

Ultimate Silk - formulated for delicate skin types and rosacea sufferers

What's Next?
Excitingly, Clare told us that the brand is in the process of formulating their own Make Up Range.  This will of course again be vegan, fragrance- & cruelty-free as well as allergen-free (see details on the brand's commitment to be allergen-free here).

The first Make Up products to launch in 2014 will be a lip & cheek balm as well as a foundation!

As if that is not enough - a new skin care product line containing a natural SPF of 50 in all products is currently being developed and tested! 

This will be especially amazing as it will offer people with various skin issues the opportunity to make sure they are well protected against UV rays while at the same time keeping their skin care regime natural!

How do I get it?
Premae's easy to navigate Homepage

The full product range is available at and the brand is currently in the process of being rolled out to selected retailer across the US (starting in the New York area).

You can shop the site by concern, type, range or speciality.

Questions relating to the best products for your skin type can either be discussed in a live, online chat or can be raised by e-mail which will be answered within one hour.

To avoid this post rivaling "War & Peace" in length, I've decided to split my review of the "Premae Glasgow BB" Event up in two parts plus a review post once I have finished reviewing the Radiance Boost - Cleansing Oil Face Wash (which I have been using since Sunday evening).

Series Post Schedule:

Premae - My thoughts on products tried out at the "Premae Glasgow Beauty Blogger Event" (scheduled to go live on Sunday, 17 November)

Premae - The "Two Week Test" Review: Radiance Boost - Cleansing Oil Face Wash (With Christmas Giveaway) (scheduled to go live Sunday, 24 November)

Have you tried Premae?

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