Monday, 30 September 2013

My favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Ever since I got into watching YouTube Beauty Gurus I have practically stopped fashion magazines (the money saved comes in very hands when having been enabled by said Gurus to purchase new, great products)!

Without much further Ado here are my absolute favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus chosen on the basis that I absolutely never miss any of their videos:

Beauty Broadcast with Emilynoel83

Her reviews are always very thorough and she always gives pros & cons and I feel like I can trust her recommendation (In fact anything I have bought based on her reviews has always turned out fab!). 

And the best bit is even though she is very good at getting the key facts across, she is always entertaining and never dry.

Most excitingly she Emily has just started  up a new exciting venture: Beauty Broadcast Express - a channel dedicated solely to quick reviews to which she uploads reviews every day. This is very quick becoming a "must view" for me!


I love her reviews and tutorials and I really enjoy that she shows how to achieve a complete look by regularly posting really cute, stylish and wearable Outfits of the Day.  I also like her colour selection and products suggestions a lot as I am very much drawn to neutral colours and generally find her suggestions very now, chic and wearable (much to the detriment of my bank balance).

Go and check her channel out!

Tati from Glam Life Guru

I love Tati's channel for her great mix of drugstore and high end beauty products!

Most importantly, I have actually been able to recreate some of the great and unsurprisingly very glam looks following the very clear instructions in her step-by-step tutorials!

A must see if you are after honest reviews and glamorous looks!

Fleur de Force

I love Fleur's channel because it is what I would describe as quintessentially British - she has the great individual, quirky style Britain has been renowned for since the 60s and this innate sense of style also informs all her product reviews and tutorials.

What makes her blog really great for me is that it is easy to relate to and that she always recommends really good quality products and consequently, I really trust her recommendations.!

This channel would also be great to subscribe to for anybody based outside Britain as it gives a great overview of what is currently trending in Britain both make up wise and in relation to skin care products.

An absolute "must subscribe"!

Melmphs knows Makeup

I really adore Melissa's channel - her videos are incredibly high energy and always leave me with a smile on my face!

If she is happy about a product, she is really happy about it and if she can't stand it you'll know about it! Great, straight to the point reviews which are always made personal - you feel part of the story.

Go and check out her channel - it is not just super entertaining but also provides a wealth of information at the same time!

These are my personal, most watched Top 5 You Tube Beauty Gurus!

Disclaimer:No responsibility shall attach to the writer in relation to but not restricted to new YouTube addictions and time spent watching videos rather than doing college work, work or housework.

Do you love these Beauty Gurus as well?
Which other Beauty Gurus do you recommend?

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box - Back in Stock!

Acrylic 5 drawer box Muji storage make up storage home organisation
Picture courtesy of
This had previously been sold out and was meant to come back into stock at on 21 October.

I have been really keen on this both to organise my make up better and also to sort out some stationery issues on my desk. 

So I was really excited to be able to order these now and two of these hopefully really useful organisers are on their way to me to hopefully make my life even more organised.

For those not living within a reasonable distance of one of their fabulous shops (I remember them well from living in London) here is the online link:

I thought £24.95 plus postage much more reasonable when the somewhat inflated prices on Ebay!

Have you used these before?
What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Spontaneous Buy - Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in No. 912 "Electric Orange"

Whilst casually perusing the aisles in Boots I had a look at the Colorsensational Vivids and when swatching fell in love with the bright orange colour which is "Electric Orange"!

Now I know that this is the time of year where I should be falling for burgundies, plum tones, berry colours and generally all facets of the autumnal colour spectrum.  However, something about this bright pop of orange colour just felt right for me and I reckon it'll work beautifully with green and khaki tones as well as gold, copper and neutral shades providing a very lively contrast indeed!

Maybelline, Maybelline lips, lip colour, lip color, Maybelline Vivids, Colorsensational
"Electric Orange"'s packaging & in the bullet!

I love the packaging with the transparent cap which shows you the colour of the lipstick in the bullet.

This is how Maybelline describes the lipsticks in the Colorsensational Vivids range:

"CREAMY FEEL from our nourishing formula enriched with honey nectar

BRIGHT COLOR from our rich vivid pigments"

And this is how "Electric Orange" swatches:

Maybelline, lip color, lip colour, Colorsensational Vivids, Colorsensational
No flash used.
First Impression of the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids in No. 912 "Electric Orange"

My initial thoughts are as follows:

  • "Electric Orange" really packs a punch! A bright colour which still goes well with my pale skin. I felt the shade really woke my look up;
  • the colour applies easily and evenly;
  • the colour payoff is great: one swipe gives a nice wash of colour and two swipes result in really full on colour;
  • and the formula lasted well on my lips (between 3 to 4 hours) though the downside of this for me was that it made my lips feel slightly dry.

As I tend to have dry lips I have used Maybelline Babylips Intensive (in the yellow packaging) underneath which worked well for me and which I would recommend if you have dry lips.

And this is how "Electric Orange" looks on my lips (2 coats)!

Maybelline, Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids, colorsensational, vivids
No flash used.

Overall Verdict

I love the super bright orange pop of colour this lipstick provides.  I think this is a really nice way to brighten up an autumn outfit with a super bright colour which really has an impact!

Have you tried out any of the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids?
What do you think?

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

MUA Makeup Academy Sheerfinish Lip Gloss in "Happy Days" and "Perk Me Up" - Swatches & First Impression

Having not previously tried the MUA Sheerfinish Lipglosses and being a great fan of sheer formulas (I always think that if I wanted an opaque finish then I'd go for a lipstick - but again that's just my opinion), I thought I give them a try.

MUA Sheerfinish Lipgloss in "Happy Days" & "Perk Me UP"
The Sheerfinish Lipgloss is available in eight shades and I opted for a peachy shade and a brownish shade as I thought these would complement my skin colour.

They are retailing at £1.

And this is a quick product description by MUA:

"A moisturising sheer lip-gloss in eight wearable shades with just a touch of sheer colour for an irresistible shine in a squeezable tube applicator to provide a smooth and easy application with a sweet scent."

From left to right I got the following colours: "Happy Days" and "Perk Me Up"

And this is how they swatch:

First Impression of the Sheerfinish Lipglosses in "Happy Days" and "Perk Me Up"

I really enjoy these two little glosses and here is why:

  • Both look fantastic on - "Happy Days" tints my lips a pretty, peachy colour which I like a lot but "Perk Me Up" is the surprise winner here: when I first opened my parcel I thought I had made a bit of a bad choice for my skin tone as the gloss looked threateningly brown in the tube. However, once on it gives lips a sheer, rusty brown wash of colour with just the right amount of depth and works very well with my pale skin tone;
  • both glosses glide on easily and leave a high-shine, super glossy nicely sheer finish on the lips;

  • they have a light fruity smell but no annoying taste;
  • I like the packaging as it allows for easy application (I'm a fan of tube lip glosses);
  • they work well on their own or applied over a lipstick;

  • and their staying power is average for a high shine lip product and they are of course not as long lasting as a matte lip product.

If you want to maintain the high shine finish then re-application - especially after eating or drinking is a must.

Overall Verdict

I love those little lip gloss tubes and how they look and feel on my lips and I couldn't be happier with my colour choices! At £1 a great little product to experiment with colours you might not normally go for or to have an extra backup in your bag for touch ups.

Have you used the MUA Sheerfinish Lip Glosses?
What are your thoughts?

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

LOTD/Lip of the Day - Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in 020 "Rusty in Peace"

Feeling autumnal today and here is my transitioning into autumn lip look!

Catrice cosmetics; Catrice lip balm, Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm
A very shiny lip courtesy of the Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in 020 "Rusty in Peace"

I'm now really getting into this colour as its burned orange colour makes me think of crunching through fallen, autumn leaves! I love the smooth application, the shiny finish and the super creamy texture on my lips - I also really focus on keeping my lips moisturised moving into autumn.

Once the gloss wears of subtle stain remains.

(click here for my "Swatches & First Impressions" of the Catrice Pure Shine Lip Color Balms)

Has the change of seasons influenced what you are wearing on your lips?
What's your go-to autumn look?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Review - MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation in "Porcelain"

I always struggle to find foundation which matches my skin tone beautifully and a lot of the time when I test foundations out in the shop a lot of ivory foundations show up orange against my skin or look just way to tanned.  Consequently, I am always on the look-out for a creamy, pale foundation to match my skin tone.

I am also obsessed with having naturally "glowy" skin as my skin is on the dry side so finding a foundation to keep me matte is not one of my main requirements.

It is retailing for £5 and is available either from (both in-store and online) or via

This is what the company says about its foundation:

"Undress your Skin Illuminating Foundation offers a medium to full coverage and is suitable for any skin type. It gives your skin an even-toned glow and visibly gives a soft healthy radiant finish, the formula contains light-diffusing particles leaving your skin feeling refreshed and luminous all day."

MUA cosmetics, MUA foundation, MUA "Undress Your Skin"
"Undress Your Skin" in "Porcelain"

MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation in "Porcelain - the Review

Initially I applied the foundation over my normal daily moisturiser for foundation days(Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin SPF15), I had problems applying the foundation as it was hard to spread and was setting incredibly quickly.  I really had to work quite hard and extremely fast to apply my foundation and to achieve an even cover.

Bearing in mind my normally dry skin I decided to switch to a richer moisturiser to see whether that would have an effect on ease of application.  I switched to my Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and Serum Duo to see whether that helped.

And indeed the foundation went on quickly without streaks and was now easy to blend into my skin.  So basically, it appears that this needs a smooth base to glide on to though if your skin is less dry this might not be much of an issue.

Once the moisturising issue was solved application was easy - I applied the foundation with my clean fingers and also with a damp cosmetic sponge  - both forms of application worked for me (I'm not a foundation brush person). 

The foundation sets fast, so it's important to blend it in quickly to achieve a flawless finish.

Feeling on Skin
Once on it feels light on my skin as if I'm not wearing anything.  If I touch my skin, it is slightly tacky to the skin. However, as I'm not in the habit of touching my face this is not an issue for me.

Colour Match
I'm really pleased with it as "Porcelain" is a really great light shade which will be perfect during the coming autumn and winter months when my skin is bound to get even paler.  A great budget option to try out for anybody who is struggling to match their foundation to their pale skin tone.

I'd say on me the foundation is medium coverage after one layer - it can, however, be easily build up to a fuller level of coverage where you need it without looking cakey (I did this on my chin and around my nose).

I really enjoy "Undress Your Skin"'s finish - on my skin the effect is semi-matte with a subtle shine.  The skin looks even but not flat. The illuminating effect is very subtle. I'd say the finish on me is best described as "My skin - but better!".

I did not use any primer or powder because I wanted to see how the foundation performed on its own.  On me the foundation lasted very well, once applied it basically didn't budge and on one occasion I caught my reflection in the mirror when leaving the cinema after a good five hours wear and literally stopped in my tracks as the finish looked so immaculate!

If anything, the finish on this improves with wear.

Bearing in mind that my skin is dry I can't comment on how this foundation would wear on somebody with oilier skin.

Overall Verdict

I think this is a really great budget-friendly option for achieving a long-lasting natural looking finish which applies really well on well-moisturised skin!

I am thinking of giving the "Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer" a try!

Have you tried the MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation?
Did you enjoy it?

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

MUA Haul (with 25% discount)

When the Mr MUA Facebook page hit 5,000 likes a 25% discount code valid for 24 hours was released so I of course had to take advantage of that and order a couple of things I have had my eyes on.

And here's the Mr MUA Secret Promo Code Schedule - check out the MUA & Mr. MUA Facebook pages if you haven't already done so, as there is always something going on and loads of info being released!

Picture courtesy of the Mr. MUA Facebook page

I was very excited to open my parcel which arrived from only four days after ordering - so super fast service (at £2.95 standard UK postage). It was wrapped very well and I was really excited to open it and check everything out!

And this is what I got!

Mua Haul with a lovely 25% discount!
Just a quick overview of the products I purchased:

Top row left to right:

Mosaic Blusher English Rose (£2.50)
I have the bronzer and really love it - so I thought I give this a try as most of my blushers are peach/apricot toned. It'll also be exciting to see how it adapts to my skin tone as this is one of its features.

Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation in "Porcelain" (£5.00)
I have read loads of rave reviews about this product, so I'm curious to see how it works with my skin - I'm particularly please that it comes in light porcelain shade as I have always trouble finding foundation that doesn't show up as orange on my skin.

(See here for my review!)

Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit (£3.50)
This is new to the range and I simply had to try it! The kit contains three different shades of eyebrow powder (a pale milk coffee shade, a medium brown and a dark espresso shade) and a fixing wax - oh and mini tweezers! The three shades will allow me to mix up the perfect shade to touch up my eyebrows. I also think that the compact-sized mirror in the lid is a nice touch!

Middle row left to right:

Sheer Lip Gloss in "Perk Me UP" and "Happy Days" (£1 each)
As I'm a firm believer in that you can never have too many lovely, shiny lip glosses to choose from these ones were a no-brainer.  I went for "Happy Days" as I simply adore giving my lips a peachy tint and "Perk Me Up" because I thought it was about time to actually acknowledge that autumn is coming and the colour reminded me of crunchy leaves.

(See here for my first impression & swatches)

Matt Eyeshadow in Shade 17 (£1)
As I go through pale nude coloured eyeshadows at the rate of knots because these kind of colours form the basis for most of my eye looks, I thought I give this one a go seeing quite a few favourable reviews online.

Bottom row:
Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in "A Girl Like Me", "Bring It Back" and "Blast Stay" (£3.00 each)
I have been dying to try these as I love nude eye colours and am currently really getting into creamy textures.  These ones are a soft champagne colour, a beautiful taupe shade and a slightly darker brown shade. I have high hopes for these and if it goes well and I like the application, texture and staying power, I might even venture out of my comfort zone and experiment with the remaining three shades in the range a soft pink, a black shade and an aubergine shade.

So, overall I'm extremely pleased with my purchases and can't wait to try them out. 

I've already swatched them and I'll post "Swatches & First Impressions" as I go along!

Anyway, I've got to go now and create a look using only MUA products!

Have you taken advantage of the 25% off promotion?
If so, which MUA products did you choose and which ones are your faves?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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See you soon!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gosh Cosmetics - Matt Duo Eye Shadow in 001 Brown Base and 002 Melting Pale: Swatches & First Impressions

I have been wanting to try out Gosh Cosmetics for a while and when I discovered them being available tax-free on the Amsterdam - Newcastle ferry, it would have been rude not to give them a try.

In the UK they are exclusively available from Superdrug - both in store and online.

And this is what I got:

Matt Duo Eye Shadows

Gosh Cosmetics; Gosh Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows, Gosh Cosmetics Eyeshadows; Gosh Cosmetics Matt Eyeshadows; matt eyeshadows, neutral eyeshadows; high quality eyeshadows; blendable eyeshadows
Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows in their original packing
The Matt Duo Eye Shadows come in  seven different colour pairings with an emphasis on muted, wearable colours.

They are retailing for £5.99 for 2g/01oz of product.

This is what Gosh says about their eye shadows:
"Extremely high colour-pay off and the colour pigmentations are amazing.  The texture is not dusy and does not crack.  It gives an opportunity to create all different kinds of looks.  Perfectly suitable for natural day wear and more intense and dramatic evening looks.  A good tip: it can be used alone or combined with a shinier or metallic textured eye shadow to highlight under the eye brow or the inner part of the eye to make shiny effects:

  • matt texture
  • amazing colour pigmentation
  • beautiful colour combinations
  • long lasting" 

Gosh cosmetics; gosh cosmetics eye shadow, gosh cosmetics matt eye shadow, blendable eyeshadow, matt eye shadow, pigmented eye shadow, lasting eye shadow
Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows

 From left to right I got the following Duos:  001 Brown Base and 002 Melting Pale

And this is how they swatch:
Gosh, Gosh eye shadows, gosh eyeshadow duos, matt eye shadows, blendable eye shadows, high quality eye shadows
No flash or primer used.

Gosh, Gosh eye shadows, gosh eyeshadow duos, matt eye shadows, blendable eye shadows, high quality eye shadows
No primer or flash used.

First Impression of the Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows:
I'm really pleased with my choice!

And this is why:

  • The two shades contained in both duos are co-ordinated beautifully allowing to achieve a minimal, natural yet very flattering eye look - 002 Melting Pale is perfect for creating a completely natural eye with colour so subtle you wouldn't even know I had applied eye make up, yet completely perfecting the eye area creating a "born with it" look.  The colours contained in 001 Brown Base or deeper yet still light enough to be flattering  and natural during the day;
  • the eye shadows are completely matt without being chalky;

  • the smooth and buttery colours swatched intensely and true to colour
  • and lastly, when applied to the eyelid they felt silky smooth blending easily and seamlessly with great staying power throughout the day creating a beautiful natural look!

As they are amazingly soft, it is necessary to be careful when transferring colour from the compacts onto an applicator or brush to minimise fall-out - once you have succeded in getting your colour on, the results, however, are stunning!

Overall Verdict

I think with these Matt Duo Eye Shadows, Gosh has created a high quality product at a very affordable price point.  

008 Dusty Purple is on my Wishlist!

Do you enjoy the Matt Duo Eye Shadows from Gosh Cosmetics?
If so which one(s) do you recommend?

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LOTD/Lip of the Day - Stila Lip Glaze Grapefruit

And this is what the Stila Lip Glaze Grapefruit looks like on on me:

Stila; Stila cosmetics, Lip glaze, lip gloss, grapefruit gloss, peachy gloss, shiny lips
Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit


My Stila Lip Glaze usually comes out when I want an easy to apply, stay-put lip with mirror shine.

Whilst it feels slightly sticky on the lips, it does adhere to them beautifully and on me the high shine finish stays on for a good two hours on average (leaving a pale pink stain behind once the glossy finish has worn off).

The Lip Glaze twists up through a brush and I find this easy to use to fill in my lips without the need for an extra brush.

Whilst the Grapefruit Lip Glaze looks pale orange/peach-coloured in the tube, it comes off somewhat pinkish on me (which is undoubtedly due to the pigmentation of my lips).

What I love most though is that this Lip Glaze succeeds in adding instant fullness to my lips - in particular my top lip!

Do you like Stila Lip Glaze?
If so, which one is your favourite?

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

P2 Limited Edition: "Aufgebrezelt" - Swatches & First Impressions

When checking P2's Facebook while on holiday in Germany I spotted a post announcing the Oktoberfest Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"!

Limited Edition "Aufgrebrezelt" - Pictures courtesy of P2.

I had to of course go and check it out - and this is what I got!

Blush "sei ned schuechtern" in 010 spatzerl & 020 zuggerschneggal
Blushes "sei ned schuechtern!" & eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi"

P2 Eyeshadows "Aufgrebezelt" - "wiesn gaudi"

The Eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi" were available in 3 colours.  I chose a pale pink and an aubergine coloured eyeshadow as I thought these would be a good addition to my current eyeshadow collection which is a bit on the neutural side otherwise...

There was also a pale blue 030 enzian shade which I didn't pick up for myself but got (together with the other two shades for a UK/Germany - US swap I've been working on for the past two months or so).

They were retailing at 2.85.

And this is what the product says (in German) at the bottom of the eyeshadow:

"The pearly texture in trendy colours creates a cheeky Oktoberfest look - which goes with every dirndl.
  • skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed"

P2 Limited Edition eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi" in 010 vergissmeinnicht and 020 alpenrose
Eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi"

From left to right I got the following colours:  020 alpenrose and 010 vergissmeinicht

And this is how they swatch:

P2 cosmetics; P2 eyeshadow: P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"
No flash or primer used.

First Impression of the P2 Eyeshadows "Aufgrebezelt" - "wiesn gaudi" (fun at the Oktoberfest fun fair)

I am happy with the two eyeshadows!

And here is why:

  • Both colours are look great on - "010 vergissmeinnicht" is a flattering aubergine colour with a subtle pearly shimmer making it in my opinion very wearable and "020 alpenrose" is a super pretty, very pale pink which has the same subtle peraly shimmer;
  • the colours swatched great and create a good colour resullt even without a primer;

  • they glide on and blend out very easily to create a nuanced look;
  • and I found that the two colours I chose harmonized very well together and I will also use the pale pink colour 010 "alpenrose" as a brow bone highlighter or to add extra light to the inside corner of my eye. I also think that the aubergine colour 020 "vergissmeinnicht" would make a great crease colour to add a bit more spice to a neutral eye.

Seeing that I am a purveyor of all things pink - short of colouring my hair that colour - I can see myself using these a lot!

P2 Blushes "sei ned schuechtern" (don't be shy)

When I first saw the above two blushes in the display, I was a bit unsure whether to take the plunge or not as they looked quite a bit brighter when what I would normally go for.

So I first only got the orange blush and then had to go back to pick up the pink one the next day after having swatched my first acquisition.

They are retailing for €3.25.

This is what it says on the back of the blush (the text is printed on in English and German):

"Long lasting blush with a creamy texture ideal for blending. With intensely beaming colors, your cheeks will look natural and perky. Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed" 
P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"; P2 blush, P2 cream blush, P2 cosmetics
Blushes "sei ned schuechtern!"

From top to bottom I got the following colours:  020 zuggerschneggal and 010 spatzerl

And this is how they swatch:

P2 blushes; P2 Limited Edition; P2 cosmetics
No primer or flash used.

First Impression of the P2 Blushes "sei ned schuechtern":
I recently started to get really into cream blushes (thanks Bourjois) and so I'm now picking up other brands as well to add to the collection.

And here is what I thought:

  • The two shades I have chosen (010 "spatzerl" and 020 "zuggerschneggal") look really *bright* in the pan - almost scarily so - but they sheer out beautifully to a flattering peach tone and transluscent pink tone with a very light mauve undertone;
  • the colour of both blushes is bildable allowing to go for a stronger look if desired;
  • both colours blend very well allowing for well-blended, non-streaky application;
  • they have a nice, creamy finish creating a natural glow;
  • and both blushes have lasted well on my cheeks even though I did not set them with either a powder blush or setting powder

The blushes are definitively a throughly enjoyable product!

And in case you don't know what the "Oktoberfest" is - hint: in England it is called: "Beer Festival":

Overall Verdict

I am really pleased with the choices I made from the P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt" and I will be looking forward to next year's Oktoberfest Limited Edition!

Have you tried anything from the P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"?
If so which ones are your favourites?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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