Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shops in Munich I'm planning to hit up at the end of July

The main reason I convinced my fiance that we should break up the drive down to Berchtesgaden from the Rhein Ruhr area in Germany by having a stop-over in Munich was not the alleged stressful driving on German Autobahns during the main holiday season but the fact that we set off reasonably early in the morning we should be able to check in around 2/3pm which would mean shops are still open!

As I am going hiking on the Austrian border the first main shops I'll be checking out are in no particular order:

Sport Schuster

This specialist sport shop is located right in the centre of Munich, directly located on the famous Marienplatz. They are celebrating their 100th birthday this year and you can get literally everything from a simple gym kit to kitting yourself out for a Himalayan expedition.

And they even have an indoor climbing wall!

Oberpollinger Sporthaus

Oberpollinger is located right at the beginning of the pedestrian zone coming down from the Stachus and across five floors they stock the appropriate gear for loads of different sports.  I always check out the basement for all hiking and skiing related stuff and the first floor for their swimwear.

Karstadt Oberpollinger is connected to the department store Oberpollinger where one can bankrupt oneself with designer shopping!

If I have any Euros left after hitting these two mega sportshops then I will head for my favourite bargainista shops:

Tally-Weijl - Neuhauser Str 17

I used to shop there when I first moved to London but then the company very annoyingly left the UK...

Ann Christine - Neuhauser Str 29

I like their mix of stylish, sophisticated and fashion forward pieces which are extremely good value for money!

And to have a quick look at (non-practical) shoes I'll check out Roland and Tretter!

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