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The Enummi 3-Day Skincare Challenge (stretched out to 5)!

I was kindly provided with a set of skin care samples to do "The Enummi 3-Day Skincare Challenge" by the very nice Heather Findlay (check out her Twitter here ).

Enummi sums up their skin care goal succintly as follows:

"Enummi Skin Care products cleanse, tone, target, and moisturize to reveal your most vibrant and luminous complexion."

Picture courtesy of Enumi
(as I a bit over-enthusiastically used the samples without taking pictures...)

My experience with the products included in the sample pack:

Challenge period: Monday, 25 November - Friday, 29 November 2013
(I found that there was enough product in the samples provided to slightly extends the 3-Day Challenge to get a better idea of how the products performed for me)

Gentle Facial Cleanser
The cleanser is a gel based cleanser which I used all over my face (excluding the eye area). I lathered it up with water and washed it off with the same.

It did remove make up effectively and left me with extremely clean skin (in fact I found with my skin having some dry areas, it was possibly a touch to efficient leaving it feeling a bit to dry for my personal liking and it didn't quite feel gentle enough for my skin - I can, however, see this working well for somebody with really oily skin or acne issues).

I used the cleanser in the morning and in the evening.

Refreshing Toner
I applied this twice daily using a cotton pad to remove any left over traces of the Gentle Facial Cleanser and refreshing the skin.

The Refreshing Toner worked very well for balancing my skin and removed any feeling of dryness after using the Gentle Facial Cleanser.

It felt great on my skin and I really liked it.

Life C Energizing Serum
I absolutely loved the serum right from the first application. It felt silky yet rich on application and was immediately absorbed by my skin adding an extra layer of moisture and making it feel super smooth and nicely plumped.

I also found that only a small amount was needed to cover my face and neck as it was very easy to spread.

I used this twice daily.

Protective Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF15
I loved the consistency of this moisturiser and having an in-built SPF is always great! 

I felt it provided my skin with a great moisture hit while at the same time sinking into my skin quickly and providing a good base for make-up application.

My skin felt moisturised throughout the day and I did not feel the need to top up moisture levels during the day.

Night Recovery Cream
The night recovery cream felt very moisturising without being overly heavy and I felt it worked very well together with the Life C Energizing Serum to create night-time appropriate moisture levels.

My skin still felt nicely supple when waking up in the morning.

Restoring Eye Cream
The Restoring Eye Cream was absolutely amazing!

As a contact lense wearer I'm always on the lookout for a good, moisture-intensive eye cream which does not irritate my eyes or interferes with my contact lenses.

The Restoring Eye Cream is super rich and I found I needed to use very little product to fully moisturise my entire eye area.

I really enjoyed this product because I felt it really worked well for my dry, under-eye area!

My Overall Verdict!

I felt that the products performed well during the  period of the Skincare Challenge. The least favourite for me being the cleaner as I found it a little bit too harsh for my skin.

However, the rest of the range balanced this out.

The toner and the day and night moisturiser worked well together and I would be happy to use them again.

My favourite products were definitively the Life C Energizing Serum and the Restoring Eye Cream as I felt they respecticely left my skin glowing and it eradicated dryness from my under-eye area.

The products did not cause any irritation and my skin was well moisturised throughout (furthermore it did not cause any breakouts).

I think this range would be great to try if you want to step up your skin care regime and feel that you want to try out a range whose focus is on improving the complexion to achieve a natural glow.

If you want to check out Enummi go to their website here or just tweet Heather and I'm sure she'll be super happy to answer her any questions you may have!

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  1. It's my first time reading about this brand. Will be sure to check out more of their products

    1. Do tweet Heather - I'm sure she'll be happy to talk you through it! :)


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