Friday, 29 November 2013

The Skin Project - My Skin

I'm excited to be part of The Skin Project blog series created by the lovely Lianne over at The Brunette Says!

I have found that in the last couple of years I've come much more aware of how skin care and make up are affecting my skin.

This awareness is not just restricted to watching out for and hopefully preventing signs of ageing but also making sure that sun damage is guarded against and that skin care and make up are chosen to suit my skin and promote skin health.

My Skin Type
My skin is quite pale with a warm undertone.

Consequently, products with an SPF are  a must! 

If I go anywhere with serious sun exposure SPF50 is a must and I have found for me frequent re-application is key to preventing sun burn e.g. when I go skiing I apply one layer before breakfast, one after and then re-apply at least every 90 minutes (that's what lift rides are for).

I'd describe 80% of my skin as dry with the exception of my nose which is sometimes slightly oilier so I'm conscious of having to strike a balance with my skin care!

Problem Areas
As I have got older I have become more prone towards redness around the nose area which in my case is triggered by sudden temperature change. (When I'm going skiing I'm always wearing a sunscreen with in-built wind and cold protection to guard against this).

I sometimes suffer from hormonal break outs in my chin area.

Wrinkle Alert
My key focus in terms of first signs of aging are my eyes!

As a contact lense wearer I'm aware that the regular wear of the same puts about five years on your skin age in the eye are due to the increased blinking frequency.

If I put my nose directly against the mirror I can see fine lines now so caring for my eye are is a must!

I also make sure that my neck area is always very well moisturised to keep the skin as supple as possible!

My Skin in Zones
Forehead: Dry
Cheeks:    Normal to dry
Nose:       Normal to oily
Chin:         Normal but prone to hormonal break outs

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