Thursday, 17 October 2013

Great You Tube "How to" beauty videos!

In case you feel you do not spend enough time watching You Tube beauty videos, then this is just the post for you!

I have found You Tube beauty videos incredibly helpful for updating my look, getting tips for improving application or just creating a creative springboard to experiment with make up!

I thought I compile some of the videos I currently find particularly helpful and inspiring:

If staying power is an issue and you are after longevity this video by the fantastic Tati from Glam Life Guru has some great pointers:

For a really detailed guide to achieving flawless skin incorporating skin care advice I love Pixiwoo's video below:

Sometimes I really love to cheat the "I look like this naturally" Look and found this video by Tiffany D a really great help in going for a naturally beautiful look without looking overly made up:

The below video by Melissa Raymond is great in showing how to achieve a virtually identical look with high-end products being applied to one side of the face and drugstore/highstreet products to the other side of the face:

I really love this tutorial by Emily Noel for creating a classic look with a vintagey  feel which is easy to recreate (Emily has now also a great second channel just doing mini reviews):

Hope this is helpful to you (and no responsibility shall attach to the writer for unconscionable amounts of time spent watching You Tube beauty videos ;0))!

Which are your favourite You Tube beauty videos?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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See you soon!


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