Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Review - Vaseline Spray & Go

Now I have to admit that I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to using body moisturisers consistently - in the past it has always ended up being a case of the way to hell is paved with good intentions (the only moisturiser I have been loyal to before is the amazing Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter when my skin felt particularly dry).

However, let me introduce you to the body moisturiser which in the course of just over two weeks completely changed my sporadic/on-off moisturising habits (see my last Boots haul where I got it here!)

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in "Cocoa Radiant"

Vaseline Spray & Go cocoa butter oats aloe moisturiser moisturizer

It retails for £4.99 for 190ml of product.

This is what Vaseline say about their product:
"New Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser is a quick, convenient spray lotion that deeply moisturises and absorbs fast so you can put your clothes straight on. The revolutionary continuous spray dispenses the lotion quickly and evenly. With pure natural extracts and a Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex, the lotion absorbs into skin in seconds. 
The fast-absorbing formula of Vaseline Spray & Go has been designed to lock in moisture whilst leaving the skin feeling instantly soft - not greasy or sticky. 
All Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser products are dermatologically approved. Available in three variants: Oats, Aloe and Cocoa."

I found the application super easy and quick and because it's a moisturising spray it made it really easy for me to reach my back.

On average I was able to moisturise my skin top to toe in about a minute without missing out any spots. 

Vaseline Spray & Go cocoa butter oats aloe moisturiser moisturizer

The Moisturiser & my Clothes

The sprayed on lotion dried super fast after having rubbed it in allowing me to get dressed without having to hang around waiting for my moisturiser to sink in - very handy in the mornings!

A great product if you want to moisturise your skin rather than your clothes!

How my skin felt

My skin continued to feel moisturised and soft throughout the day. 

In fact the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser left me skin so well moisturised that there was no need to re-apply this or another product throughout the day!

The Smell
I loved the subtle cocoa butter smell and it lingered for a good couple of hours after application making my skin smell yummy.

Note: If you are not into cocoa butter then maybe try the Aloe Vera version they have got in their range as the cocoa butter smell is quite strong on initial application !

My concluding thoughts on the product:

I am REALLY impressed with this great moisturiser and would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

It's especially good if you are all about getting out of the door fast while still looking after your skin.

In fact I have nearly finished my bottle and have already got a replacement one in "Pure Oat Extract" which I'm excited to use next!

Vaseline Spray & Go cocoa butter oats aloe moisturiser moisturizer

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Have you tried the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturisers?

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