Monday, 14 October 2013

My Monday Wishlist - very neutral with a pop of colour!

M y   M o n d a y   W i s h l i s t!

1. Urban Decay "Naked Basics"

As one can clearly never have enough beautiful, matte, neutral shades, I really NEED to have this wonderful, compact palette as it will not only be indispensable in creating a variety of natural yet stunning looks and to boot will be a perfect handbag fit!

This amazing palette is currently reatiling at for £20!

2. Lime Crime Lipstick in "Cosmopop"

Because it is a super fun colour which would give a great pop of colour to my otherwise very neutral look.  I really love how it looks so creamy & richly pigmented!

The Lime Crime lipsticks retail for £11.50 via their official UK retailers (, and - I will resist the lure of the Ebay resellers and instead faithfully monitor the official retailers' websites!

3. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation in "Ivory Light"

I have watched so many videos on You Tube now showing the amazing finish which is achievable with this foundation that I absolutely have to try it out for myself! Just now need to do some hard core research on where to get it in the UK! 

In the US it is currently avaliable at Sephora for USD48!

4. Too Faced "Milk Chocolate Soleil"

I am forever looking for the perfect bronzer to compliment my pale skin and perk it up subtly through the autumn and winter months and this appetisingly named bronzer from Too Faced might just be it!

Available via for £25.

5. Charlotte Tilbury "Filmstar Bronze & Glow"

This super glam offering in its streamlined, classically beautifully compact combining a nice bronzer shade with a pretty, complimenting highlight shade would just look so perfect taking pride of place in my collection!

Available in the UK £49 via

6. Benefits "Rockateur"

I just love rose gold - it's such a flattering shade which works for a range of different skin tones.

And as I have always been very happy with all my Benefits boxed powders, I just can't wait to give this one a try!

Available for £23.50 here!

What's on your Wishlist?

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