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DM Haul - Face & Body Products (Overview)

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Having now returned from my European jolly with significantly more beauty-related luggage when I set out with (as clearly you can't by anything of this kind in the UK - NOT (disclaimer: this is obviously meant to be heavy irony) as there are some products which are not available in the UK or I like the European version better or they are significantly cheaper!

Plus of course the added benefit of being "exotic" on account of being unavailable or hard to obtain over here!

This is going to be a brief overview post followed by a more in-depth review of the various products I purchased in my favourite German drugstore: DM!

Shower & Body Care

I was excited to pick up the limited edition  Balea Young Shower Gel and Body Lotion (DM own brand) "Naschkatze" because I loved the snazzy design of the bottles with cats and cherries and I'm looking forward to trying out these two products which are new to me!

I picked up these two shower gels because I needed to stock up for after gym purposes (I have earmarked the Balea Men Wake UP Call Duschgel for this and because its limegreen colour looks offensively fresh and revitalising) and the Nivea Men Pure Impact one is intended for sharing with my fiance (so that he has access to a reasonably "manly" shower option...) and as I have yet to be disappointed by any Nivea product I try I thought this would make a good unisex option! (Another deciding factor was the persistent heat wave in Germany in the last couple of weeks which made anything gel like and refreshing looking a much more appealing option when any cream products).

Whilst we are still in the middle of summer (and a very nice one at that) I have still taken the opportunity to stock up on my two favourite body oils from Alverde (Germany's most popular organic cosmetic brand).  I have purchased both of these several times over the last years and am looking forward to tying out the "Relax Pflegeoel Wildrose Sandorn" and the "Cellulite Koerperoel Zitrone Rosmarin" as both oils have made my skin super soft in the past, improved its texture and as an added benefit the lemon oil (Zitrone) came with a free full sized Alverde mono eyeshadow in the colour "Sand".

Hair Care

I also took the opportunity to stock up on my favourite leave-in conditioner from the L'Oreal Color Glanz (called L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect in the UK) range which is available in the UK with annoyingly the exception of the leave-in conditioner (sort it out L'Oreal). This leave-in conditioner has been a firm favourite for years as its formula is non-greasy, easy to apply, does not weigh my fine hair down and adds shine and just makes coloured and damaged hair just that little bit more manageable and shiny.  This time around I also picked up the matching colour protection mask so I'll see how that goes! Can't wait to try it on my hair after four weeks of bright sun and hot temperatures drying it out spectacularly...

Face Products

I picked up a a Nivea day cream as I was after a light hydrating product to wear under makeup and on its own - as this Nivea moisturiser was a firm favourite during my teens I'm really looking forward to revisit it (and see how my skin and/or the formula has changed)!

Additionally - as variety is the spice of life - I also picked up two Bebe Young Care moisturisers, a brand I really enjoy and always make a point of picking up when visiting either Germany or Austria. I opted for one Bebe Young Care moisturiser for dry skin and another one for sensitive skin. I tend to rotate these so I'll see how it goes!

Lastly, I picked up an eyecream from the Bebe More range promising "Beautiful Eyes".  I'll be interested to see how I get on with this cream as my eyes are quite sensitive due to the fact that I am wearing contact lenses. I hope the reality matches the promises on the packaging! it'll also of course be interesting to see howa product from the new Bebe More range performs as the introduction of this range is of course a response to the fact that the brand recognises that some of their core customers are not teenagers anymore and it is branching out accordingly!

Dental Hygenie

When at home I always pinch Blend-a-med tooth paste of my father (the classic variety which is pretty sharp so if you get anything on your tongue you will know about it...). So I was super excited to spot that the company had branched out and now offers various options: I bought "Complete plus - milde Frische (mild freshness)", "Complete plus - Kraeuter (herbs)" and "Complete plus - exta frisch (extra fresh)" for all of which I am having high hopes!

Furthermore, I picked up one of my long-time favourite Odol breath freshner spray which is a godsend when on the go and not a fan of chewing gum (I loath chewing gum). It basically is amazingly minty fresh breath in a (tiny) can - it even puts up a credible fight against yummy garlicky food!

What I did today:

I sorted to my German health and beauty purchases for the purpose of blogging about them and reviewing them.

I seem to have successfully recovered from a nasty bout of gastorentotic flu which is not ideal when travelling on an overnight ferry...

What I did not do was sort all my washing out but one has to have something to look forward to!

I also just bit the bullet and registered for a BA (Hons) Language Studies: French and Spanish with the Open University so that is going to be exciting (and hard work) from October! Woo!

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