Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review - Balea Young Shower Gel and Body Lotion (DM own brand) "Naschkatze"

I picked this duo up in DM because I was really drawn to the colourful packaging and the quirky design (and it does look good on my shower shelf).

The pink coloured shower gel is of a slightly runny consistency so once you have squeezed some out of the bottle, it needs to be lathered up pretty sharpish as it will otherwise just end up on your shower floor!  It does create a nice leather and I feel it does get you clean efficiently.  

However, my main issue is with its smell: On the bottle this is advertised as a "fragnant cherry experience" - not only have I been completely unable to relate the smell to any type of cherry found anywhere in nature but it is cloyingly sweet.  When lathered up the smell sometimes (not always) develops a very noticeable chemical undertone. The shower gel's smell does not linger once it has been rinsed off which in this case is a good thing!

The matching body lotion is of a creamy consistency, is easy to distribute, sinks in quickly and leaves my skin with a velvety soft feeling which lasts easily for six or seven hours.  This is not a super rich consistency but a nice light moisturiser for the summer months.

The smell is similar to the shower gel i.e. no actual discernible cherry smell but just a sweet vaguely fruity smell.  In contrast to the shower gel the body lotion does not have the strange chemical smell which is a definite plus.

My Verdict

Whilst I liked the body lotion and felt it did a decent job it was let down by its partner in crime the shower gel (nothing wrong with its cleaning properties) but it was severely let down by its smell!  

Consequently, I would not repurchase this (the bottles still look great though)!

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