Friday, 23 August 2013

Review - Bebe More Beautiful Eyes verschoenernde Augenflege (beautifying eye cream)

As I have loved Bebe's Young Care line for years I was excited to pick up this eye cream which is part of their new line Bebe More which is targetted at the non-teenage market.

And this is what the brand says about its target group:

"Mit der Zeit veränderst nicht nur du dich, sondern auch deine Haut, ihr wollt beide einfach ein bisschen mehr als früher. Du fühlst dich zu erwachsen für Teenieprodukte, aber noch zu jung für Anti-Age Pflege. Du suchst die Gesichtspflege, die zu dir und deiner Haut passt."

(And in English:
As time passes it is not just you but also your skin that changes.  Both of you just want that little bit more than in the past.  You are feeling to grown up for teenage products but still to young for anti-aging skin care.  You are looking for skin care products which suit you and your skin.)

Bebe More Beautiful Eyes

According to the brand the eye cream has been tested by ophthalmologists, is fragrance and paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Having tested out this eye cream for a week twice a day (in the morning and in the evening after cleansing my skin) I am extremely pleased with it.

My skin  is dry and sensitive and I am wearing contact lenses most of the time so I am always careful to try to avoid irritating my eye area.

The eye cream's consistency is light yet moisturising, I applied it generally around my eyes up to my eyebrows and underneath my eyes extending outwards to my hairline.  

It had a pleasant consistency which was easy to distribute and sank in quickly.

The eyecream and make-up
Having let it sink in for about three minutes I applied concealer to the under-eye area which went on smoothly.  I found the Bebe More Beautiful Eye's compatible with wearing eye make-up without affecting its staying power.

How the skin in my eye area felt
My skin felt well moisturised throughout the day and I experienced no irritation or redness. I did not feel the need to add additional moisturiser during the day.

My concluding thoughts on the product:
I love this eye cream and how it made my skin feel. I think it does really bridge the gap between very light eye care and the more heavy anti-aging products.

In my opinion this is a fantastic product* and I will definitively pick up other products from the range to see whether they would make a good addition to my skin care regime.

This has been put on my list of products to repurchase the next time I'm visiting Germany!

Unfortunately this product range is currently only available in Germany or Austria!

* Obviously, everybody's skin reacts differently to products so care should always be taken when trying out new products - especially in the eye area.

Do you use eyecream?
If so what's your favourite one?

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