Friday, 30 August 2013

Home Deco: Ikea Tindra Scented Candle in burnt orange

When I went to Ikea yesterday to pick up bits and pieces for some new bookshelves to go up above and next to my desk I also accidentally on purpose acquired a beautifully autumnal scented candle.

 Now I am not normally a scented-candle person - in fact it would be fair to say that the smell of 90% of scented candles cause me to make faces worth of Cara Delevinge (I'm looking at you fake cupcake scented offenders...).

However, when I picked up my new purchase in passing to give it a cursory test sniff as I was drawn to the beautiful burnt orange colour which made me think of crunching through autumn leaves, I was pleasantly surprised by its subtle and slightly spicy fragrance.

Not only does this little beauty smell fabulous but it retails at a  bargainous £0.95.

The candle is 8cm (3 1/4 in) high and will burn for 30 hours and once the it has burned down the glass can be used to hold a tea light.

Unfortunately, it is sold out online.  However, the Ikea store near the Metro Centre in Newcastle had plenty of stock left and according to the store finder tool most stores have still stock left.

Whilst I would not say that I am now and out and out convert to the scented candle cult, I have to admit I am distinctly looking forward to lighting it in the coming months!

Do you like scented candles?
If so what's your favourite one?

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  1. Hmm, might be nice. I generally avoid scented-candle( and other whatnot) aisles because I have asthma and an overload of scents, typical in such spots, sends me coughing and/or cursing away, trying to fan away the massive overload. (What makes them think people LIKE that?) But this sounds like it could be a good one.


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