Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review - L'Oreal Color Glanz Intensive Mask and Leave-In Conditioner

Ever since a bit of a colour disaster two years ago my hair is extremely dry as I had to have hair colour which had turned out black (it was meant to be a medium toned brown...) professionally removed. Now the hairdresser did a great job but ever since then my hair has gone from very fine, super shiny and uncomplicated to very dry and high maintenance.  

If I want shine I now really need to work for it and I'm consequently always on the hunt for a product/products to dramatically improve the condition of my hair!

(Luckily the effectively bleached bits are in the process of growing out but as my hair is about down to my shoulder blades its taking its own sweet time)

As maybe mentioned before the "El Vital Sofort-Aufbau-Kur Color Glanz" is one of my favourite leave-in conditioners and I have repurchased it religously over the last three years (this is basically my go-to leave in conditioner).  This time round I have also bought the "El Vital Intensivmaske" (L'Oreal Elvive Color Protect mask) which I have tested in conjunction with the leave-in conditioner.

The intensive mask comes in a red plastic top with a screw top. The design is functional and allows to easily scoop out the product. 

The jar contains 300ml of product.  I have used this 5 times so far applying the product very genorously from the roots right to the tips of my over shoulder-length hair and have used up half the jar so far - so you should be able to get around 8 to 10 applications out of this for mid-length hair (more for short hair) which in my opinion results in a very favourable cost per use ratio.

I have tried this out with a couple of different shampoos and found that this intensive mask performs incredibly well on my hair.  

I left it in between 1 to 2 minutes and even after this short time my hair felt completely detangled and smoothed down.

After towel drying my hair carefully (just pressing it, no rubbing) I massaged approximately a hazelnut-sized amount of product all through my hair focusing on the lengths and smoothing it over the top layers of my hair.

Both air drying and blow drying my hair I got ultra smooth and frizz free hair with a nice shine to it!  

I found that the combination of the rinse out intensive mask and the leave-in conditioner left my hair soft, shiny and manageable and gave it a healthy appearance!

My Verdict

I absolutely loved the intensive mask and the leave-in conditioner! They work together beautifully.

They are a fuss-free, effective way to give colour-damaged, lackluster hair a quick infusion of shine!

They work beautifully with my hair especially considering that it is currently on the damaged side.

I will repurchase both of these!

And I have added the shampoo in the line to my mental "wishlist" to try out as well!

Overall, fantastic products which performed very well for me and with which I am very pleased. 

Do you enjoy using L'Oreal Elvive Color Protect products?
If so what's your favourite one?

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  1. This is on my must try list! Great review!

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