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Premae - The World's First Allergen Free Beauty Brand

The Brand Philosophy & Product Lines (Part 1)

On Sunday, 10 November, I was lucky enough to have been selected to attend the  "Premae (click the brand's name to follow them on Twitter) Glasgow Beauty Blogger Event" where the founder of the brand - the lovely and very knowledgeable Clare Eluka (click their names to follow them on Twitter) - together with the brands PR, Marketing & Communication Manager - the very enthusiastic and extremely friendly Pariss Sloan Docherty - were very keen to discuss all things Premae with infectious enthusiasm.

Pariss & Clare
Tirade Magazine & British Vogue
featuring Premae

Consequently, two hours passed in a flash!

The Philosophy
Clare founded Premae because she realised when suffering from Candida Albican while a university student that while there were vegan and cruelty-free brands there was no allergen-free skin care range which triggered seven years' of research culminating in the founding her own skin care range Premae! 

The name Premae is derived from Premium Formulae - highlighting what is at the heart of the brand:

Creating unique, high quality products specifically formulated to target severe problem skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis to name but a few areas of key concern.

It is Clare's vision to enable people using her product to feel comfortable in their own skin, to free their skin from restrictions placed upon it by debilitating - both from a cosmetic as well as an emotional point of view - skin conditions.

I was very impressed when Clare summed up that she feels her products are succeeding when her customers feel that Make Up has once again become an accessory for self-expression rather than being used as a mask granting:

"Beautiful Freedom".

Ultimately, glowing with health luminous skin speaks for itself and having seen both Clare and Pariss close up, I can vouch that they are certainly great advertisements for the brand's effectiveness.

(Meeting Pariss in person you would never guess that before switching her facial skin care regime to Premae products, she was affected by psoriasis).

The Target Group
Whilst the range is of course suitable and very good for normal, dry and combination skin, its strength lies in offering very real relief to people suffering from serious skin conditions (such as eczema, dermatitis, adult acne or psoriasis) which are very hard to control and can have a debilitating effect on suffers' confidence.

Premae is a unisex brand.

So if you have highly sensitive skin or are suffering from eczema, dermatitis, adult acne or psoriasis and want a skin care range that has been formulated which just your issues in mind, then I strongly recommend you give Premae a try!

As psoriasis runs in my family - though luckily I'm not (yet) affected by it - I'm super excited having found a skin care brand formulated with the issues affecting sufferers in mind!

Equally, if you have (thankfully) reasonably normal skin and like it to stay that way and believe in a skin-care-led approach, then you should look into Premae.

The Buzz
Since Premae was founded by Clare just under two years ago on 1 December 2011, the brand has gone from strength to strength and the recognition of its unique features and strengths has been almost instantaneous and the awards just keep coming (see here)!

The two stand-out awards for me personally are the:

because this award recognises the brand's
commitment to organic & cruelty beauty!


because this highlights the brand's achievements
in relieving serious skin issues!

Press Coverage
I was very impressed on Sunday when Clare and Pariss talked us through the press coverage Premae has received with high end publications reflecting the brand's high quality product selection and being testimony to the effectiveness of its various product lines (for an overview of press coverage see here).

Since its launch Premae has never been off Vogue's radar and has been featured several times in their beauty pages!

And they are once again featured in British Vogue's current December issue out now!

Harmony Holiday Gift Set (£27.50)
as seen in:
December 2013 Issue British Vogue, October 2013 Issue Tirade Magazine & Glossy Box May & October 2013

Tirade Magazine Issue 2
2 page advertorial spread of "Harmony Multi-Vit Serum"

The Product Lines
Harmony (which we got to try out on the day) - formulated with the needs of combination skin/adult acne sufferers in mind

Anatomy Nutrients - moisture-rich body care line

Balance Rescue - formulated for adult acne sufferers

Clemensy - their award winning skin care formulated for psoriasis sufferers

Gallant - their male skin care line

Pharma 100 - the range's vegan, organic alternative to E-45

Plush Therapy - Premae's spa range

Pristeen - formulated for break out prone teenage skin

Radiance Boost - formulated to be suitable for anti-aging skin care, dermatitis, dry skin/eczema & mature skin

Supreme - formulated for dry skin/eczema

Tender Tots - protective skin care for infants and newborns 

Triumph - anti-aging skin care

Ultimate Silk - formulated for delicate skin types and rosacea sufferers

What's Next?
Excitingly, Clare told us that the brand is in the process of formulating their own Make Up Range.  This will of course again be vegan, fragrance- & cruelty-free as well as allergen-free (see details on the brand's commitment to be allergen-free here).

The first Make Up products to launch in 2014 will be a lip & cheek balm as well as a foundation!

As if that is not enough - a new skin care product line containing a natural SPF of 50 in all products is currently being developed and tested! 

This will be especially amazing as it will offer people with various skin issues the opportunity to make sure they are well protected against UV rays while at the same time keeping their skin care regime natural!

How do I get it?
Premae's easy to navigate Homepage

The full product range is available at and the brand is currently in the process of being rolled out to selected retailer across the US (starting in the New York area).

You can shop the site by concern, type, range or speciality.

Questions relating to the best products for your skin type can either be discussed in a live, online chat or can be raised by e-mail which will be answered within one hour.

To avoid this post rivaling "War & Peace" in length, I've decided to split my review of the "Premae Glasgow BB" Event up in two parts plus a review post once I have finished reviewing the Radiance Boost - Cleansing Oil Face Wash (which I have been using since Sunday evening).

Series Post Schedule:

Premae - My thoughts on products tried out at the "Premae Glasgow Beauty Blogger Event" (scheduled to go live on Sunday, 17 November)

Premae - The "Two Week Test" Review: Radiance Boost - Cleansing Oil Face Wash (With Christmas Giveaway) (scheduled to go live Sunday, 24 November)

Have you tried Premae?

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