Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Supermarket Sweep: Glamour Magazine with Nails Inc. Nailpolish in "Soho Silver"

So, when popping into the local Co-Op and ideally perusing the magazine aisle I spotted Glamour Magazine with a choice of four different Nails Inc by Kate Spade polishes.

Glamour Magazine Kate Spade Nails Inc Soho Siler
Sorry - eagerly ripped into the plastic & only afterwards decided to blog...

The magazine is retailing at £2 (and the nail polish is worth £11 plus there is also a Bodyshop Joy Card worth either £3, £15 or £100 in the magazine).

The Body Shop Joy Card!

The colour selection available was a vibrant red, black, gold & silver.

I went for "Soho Silver"!

Now I'm super untalented as far as DIY manicures are concerned and was totally astonished when I tried out this nail polish!

I just ideally painted one nail while sitting on the sofa and it went one in one stroke, super smooth, non-streaky and one coat of colour resulted in a great, opaque finish!

My Soho Silver DIY efforts!

Such was my surprise so that I proceeded to paint all my nails and yep - it wasn't just a fluke! 

I'm still amazed at this feat! It is fair to say that if I can paint my nails with this then it is absolutely idiot-proof!

I'm now totally in love with this polish - loving its silvery shine -and am seriously considering going out and picking up another magazine - maybe gold or red (not black that would be pushing my (manicure) luck)!

Great magazine & amazing nail polish - this is just the most amazing bargain!

(You could even use the nail polish as a Secret Santa present or something like that if you are on a budget.)

I'll be heading over to the Nails Inc website and be checking out the rest of their collection for sure!

What's your favourite Magazine/freebie combo?

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