Friday, 8 November 2013

Brainstorming Central: Wedding Guest Outfit (Part 1): Flapper Girl Rock Chick Hybrid

I'm invited to a wedding in the Lake District in two weeks time and the dress code is kind of wide:

"The dress code for the whole weekend is anywhere between "muddy boots" and "glamorous jimmy choos" (come in whatever is comfortable and fun for you)."

So I'm in the process of brainstorming outfit options playing with :

The Look: Flapper Girl Rock Chick Hybrid

Collage created by me on the fab

Cocktail Dress - Missguided £44.99

Biker Jacket - F.D.Avenue £27.99

Studded Boots - A.X. Paris £41.99

Leather Cufflink - A.X. Paris £7.99

P.S.: Depending on weather I'm thinking either opaque tights or fishnets.

Any wedding guest outfits dilemmas/tips to share?

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  1. Gorgeous art deco dress, would look stunning on you! Xx

    1. Cheers only problem with the dress is that I'm not particular short and I reckon it would come down to mid-thigh which might be pushing the "whatever is fun for you" dress code a bit. Well, still have just over 2 weeks to sort it! x


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