Friday, 15 November 2013

FOTD - Friday's Face

Just a quick note on the rationale underpinning today's Make Up appliation - I'm in the process of deciding on my "Face of the Day" to wear next Saturday when I'm in the Lake District for a wedding. So I'm testing out looks suitable for day wear which I'd like to stay put from 8am to approximately 4pm (with minimal touch ups)!

Prepping the Skin!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Aesthetico Hydrating Cream SPF 15 - to lock in moisture & add an SPF of 15. This cream sinks in fast and the range has been developed by dermatologists (I get it from my dermatologist in Germany but it's also available online).

2. Simple Regeneration Age Resistant Eye Cream -I have been using eye cream on a daily basis (morning & night since I was 21) and no day is complete without it. This is light yet nourishing and is again absorbed quickly which is important to ensure that my eye make up stays in place.

3. L'Oreal Collagen Wrinkle De-Crease Filler Eye - This was purchased by accident by my Fiance when trying to buy my favourite eye cream by L'Oreal in Boots (which turned out to be discontinued...) but I quite enjoy applying a thin layer of this prior to Make Up application under my eyes, between my eyebrows and along the outline of my top lip (kind of as a pre-emptive measure).

4. Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner - just popping this intensive conditioner on my lips to soften them while I apply my Make Up!

Creating the Base!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Skin79 Super BB Cream (used as Primer) - I'm applying a think layer of this Korean BB cream which evens out my skin tone and gives my skin an additional hit of skin care benefits (whitening i.e. working on acting on discoloration rather than lightening my skin tone, SPF25 and wrinkle improvement...) and makes my foundation go on evenly.

(Being an Asian BB Cream this works extremely well with pale/fair skin when worn on its own.)

2. YSL Forever Youth Liberator Foundation in "BR20 Beige Rose" - Having been expertly matched at the YSL Counter this matches my skin perfectly. I'm applying this with my Real Technique stippling brush and it goes on super smoothly creating a luminous finish.  Being a serum foundation this also has a skin care element adding in more moisture.

This Foundation lasts extremely well on my skin (dry forehead, cheeks & chin but slightly oilier nose). This might be too heavy for somebody with oily skin.

I'm using what is left on my stippling brush to apply a thin layer of foundation across my eyelids to act as a base - I do this a lot as I don't have oily eyelids and it works well for me (but clearly is one of those things which is not for everyone).

3. Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye in "light" - I apply this in a triangle shape under both eyes and blend it out with my ringer finger. This creates a flawless under-eye finish, lighting up the under-eye area and doesn't crease on me (I do not set my under-eye concealer with powder preferring a slightly lighter look)

4. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in "Cameo" - a very light dusting applied all over with my Real Techniques Powder Brush which sets my foundation without taking away any of the luminosity of the base (as I think there is really no point of paying for a High End luminous foundation and then mattifying it into oblivion with powder...).

The shade "Cameo" is great for pale skin as it does not darken the finish of the foundation at all but keeps it beautifully light.

Adding Colour back in!
Products numbered in order of application!
1. Soap &Glory Peach Party Mulit-coloured shimmer brick - This adds a nice, subtle peach glow to my cheeks - the four colours in the shimmer brick swirl together to create the perfect peach-toned blusher for me!

I love that I don't need to add on an additional highlighter because this is already mixed in - giving a perfect glow which is light enough to wear during the day.

My eye look is quite light with a little added definition in the outer part of my crease keeping it suitable for day wear!

2. Alverde Eyeshadow Mono Matte in "20 Warm Vanilla" - this forms a light, matte base for my eye look and I'm applying this all over the moveable part of my lid pulling it up to just 0.5mm under my eyebrow line.

(BTW Alverde is an award winning German organic drugstore/high Street brand)

3. E.L.F. Single Eyeshadow in "Sunset" - I apply this in the crease emphasising the outer third of the crease. My eyeshadow application for this is quite round pulled out towards and slightly beyond the edge of my eye.  I then pull the colour in to emphasise the last quarter of my upper lash line - creating an outer-V shape.

I blend the crease colour out removing any hard edges.

4. Artdeco Baked Eyeshadow No. 18 - I'm applying this in the outer corner of my crease to add some more definition and then blend the colour out.

(Artdeco is available in some Debenhams and on their website but they seem to have run out of this eyeshadow)

Finishing the Look!
Products numbered in order of application!

1. P2 Waterproof clear lash & brow mascara (limited edition no longer available) - I apply this on my upper lashes which - once dry will form a great basis for my mascara.

2. Maybelline The Rocket in "Very Black" - I apply a couple of coats on top of the P2 gel formula which results in extra length. I love the intensive eye look The Rocket creates.

3. Carmex Moisture Plus in "Peach" - I swipe this over my lips for moisture with a peachy tint (and it's super easy to touch up on the go)

Application Time: 20 Minutes

What's on your face today?

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  1. I love alverde! I have a blush from them and I totally love it!
    Andreea |

  2. I'll def. look out for other products in their range as I've only got this eyeshadow which was attached to one of their body oils (which I love) and I was extremely pleasantly surprised with it!

  3. Great products! I really want to try "Peach Party"!

  4. It's a really great blush - I love it!


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