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Premae Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil - Review & Snowflake-themed Giveaway!

The Review!
When I attended the Premae Skincare Beauty Blogger Event in London about two weeks ago, Premae kindly gave me a bottle of their Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil formulated for dry skin to try out.

(See my previous post on their allergen-free, organic & cruelty-free skincare brand here)

The Product - Radicance Boost Cleansing Oil

1/3 used after 2 weeks of twice daily use.

This is how Premae describes their Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil:
"The Safflower Flower, Vitamin A enriched formula offers a gentle emollient that works for Dry and Mature skin types and is ideal for dehydrated and chapped skin.
Gently removes makeup and other impurities. Unclogs pores. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and illuminated."
Radicance Boost Cleansing Oil retails for £22.50.

My skin: I'd describe my skin as dry (with the exception of my nose...) with a particularly dry forehead but also quite sensitive and prone to redness if products are too harsh.  To sum it up: I'm always looking for moisturising, gentle products to lock in moisture and maintain skin elasticity!

Review Period: Monday, 11 November - Sunday, 24 November inclusive

Usage: While reviewing the Premae Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil I used it twice daily.  In the morning to give my skin a light, general clean and in the evening to clean and remove face as well as eye make up.

In the morning I put one pump of cleansing oil on a cotton wool pad and gently used it to cleanse my face. I followed this up with my own toner to remove any cleansing oil traces.

In the evening I used 1 and a half pumps on a cotton wool pad to remove my make up thoroughly and then I used a second, clean cotton wool pad with one pump of cleansing oil to remove my eye make-up as well.

Same as in the morning I followed with a toner to remove traces of oil.

How did the Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil perform & how did it make my skin feel? 
I felt the product gave my skin a deep clean without stripping it of moisture or making it feel dry and over-cleansed.

On my skin it felt that the product locked in moisture and helped for my skin to feel moisturised after use.

It removed eye make-up well and because of the oil-based formula I felt it was particularly suitable for the eye area giving an additional moisture boost.

My Eyes & the Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil
As I have been wearing contact lenses for years my eyes are quite sensitive and I'm always careful to choose products which do not irritate my sensitive eye area.

I once accidentally got quite a lot of Radiance Cleansing Oil into my right eye when removing my make up and it did not burn at all. It took a couple of blinks to get it out but the entire time my eyes did not burn or water - truly remarkable!

I would highly recommend that if you have sensitive eyes and are worried about eye make up remover irritating them to give this a try!

My Overall Verdict
After two weeks of continuous use I felt that this cleanser worked well with my skin type keeping it moisturised while at the same time balancing out my slightly oilier nose area.

I experienced no irritations or break outs and found that this definitely worked well for adding extra moisture into my skin care routine!

In fact I'm so impressed with this brand that I have just gone and ordered the Harmony Holiday Xmas Duo Gift Set (containg the Harmony Balm & Serum and the Supreme Multi-Vit Serum) as I'm really keen to add some more extra moisture into my skin care routine!

The Snowflake-themed Giveaway!

Premae has kindly provide me with a full-sized Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil to give away to my readers and as we are nearing Christmas and I'm obsessed with snow and snowflakes, I thought I throw in this white M&S cup with red snowflakes too!

To enter you need to follow my blog on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect (you can also log in with Twitter if you don't have a GFC account) and you need to follow Premae Skincare on Twitter.

If you are under 18 please ensure that you have permission to enter as you will need to provide you postal address if you win!

This Giveaway is open internationally!

Rafflecopter Standard T&Cs apply!

Closing Date: Monday, 16 December 2013

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