Sunday, 1 September 2013

Catrice Haul (at DM in Germany) & First Impressions (Part 1: Lip Products)

Here is what I got from Catrice (and this was restraining myself...):

The Lip Products

Pure Shine Lip Colour Balms
Can I just say that I am absolutely crazy about the Pure Shine Lip Colour Balms? I had read on the internet that they had just launched and originally just bought one but so impressed with how they felt on the lips and the beautiful, shiny, sheer colour they delivered that I promptly went back and got four more!

(And now I wish I had bought all eight of them rather than "just" five) 

They are retailing for 5.49.

From left to right I got the following colours:  070 Don't Red It!, 010 Rose & Woody, 020 Rusty in Peace, 060 Go Flamingo Go and (last but not least) 080 Sheers!

And now some swatches:

First Impression of the Pure Shine Colour Lip Balms:
I am absolutely in love with the Catrice Pure Shine Lip Colour Balms because they glide on the lips, give them a pretty yet subtle shine together with being super wearable colours. I can see myself wearing these loads and I can see the colour palette I have chosen with its colours ranging from pale peach via brown tones to a beautiful sheer red make a sealess transition into autumn.

They have a very slight smell but no noticeable taste which for me is always a bonus.

And most importantly, I love how they feel on the lips keeping them soft and moisturised throughout the day!

Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Colour Intensifier
I spotted this sticker next to the Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Colour Intensifier and absolutely had to pick it up and give it a try!

It is retailing at 4.95.

This is what the blurb says about the product:
"Simply brilliant: the new CATRICE Ultimate LipGlow – Lip Colour Intensifier not only smoothes your lips and makes them shine, it also intensifies your own personal lip color – a transparent, fresh and natural look in a truly unique color."
(after initial problems of finding one which was not damaged in the packaging - maybe sealing them would be the way forward? - I finally got lucky)

And now a swatch (bearing in mind that the colour adjusts itself to the wearer):

First Impression of the Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Colour Intensifier
On me the colour develops into a pretty pink tone with mauve undertones which flatters - and indeed intensifies - my natural skin colour ! 

On me the finish is very natural intensifying the tone of my own lips rather than changing it.

It's easy to apply and the lipstick is quite firm so that I found it very easy to follow my lipline achieving a very precise outline without the need for lipliner.

Again, virtually no smell and I can also not taste the product which I really like.

Weirdly, whilst the product looked glowy in the swatch and was described as making lips shine in the product description, it settles into a mat finish on my lips.

Whilst I still like the look, I do feel that my lips - everybody is obviously different - would feel more comfortable if a light lip balm was applied underneath.

The upside of the surprising matt finish is though that the staying power is good!

So yeah, the Ultimate Lip Glow - Lip Colour Intensifier will make its way into my lipstick/lipgloss rotation!

Overall Verdict

I am super happy with my lip product purchases from Catrice and my colour choices.

Overall, they are super pretty AND budget friendly and I will absolutely be back for more the next time I visit Germany!

(those three Pure Shine Lip Colour Balms I didn't pick up are def. calling to me!)

Do you enjoy Catrice?
If so what's your favourite product?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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