Monday, 30 September 2013

My favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus!

Ever since I got into watching YouTube Beauty Gurus I have practically stopped fashion magazines (the money saved comes in very hands when having been enabled by said Gurus to purchase new, great products)!

Without much further Ado here are my absolute favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus chosen on the basis that I absolutely never miss any of their videos:

Beauty Broadcast with Emilynoel83

Her reviews are always very thorough and she always gives pros & cons and I feel like I can trust her recommendation (In fact anything I have bought based on her reviews has always turned out fab!). 

And the best bit is even though she is very good at getting the key facts across, she is always entertaining and never dry.

Most excitingly she Emily has just started  up a new exciting venture: Beauty Broadcast Express - a channel dedicated solely to quick reviews to which she uploads reviews every day. This is very quick becoming a "must view" for me!


I love her reviews and tutorials and I really enjoy that she shows how to achieve a complete look by regularly posting really cute, stylish and wearable Outfits of the Day.  I also like her colour selection and products suggestions a lot as I am very much drawn to neutral colours and generally find her suggestions very now, chic and wearable (much to the detriment of my bank balance).

Go and check her channel out!

Tati from Glam Life Guru

I love Tati's channel for her great mix of drugstore and high end beauty products!

Most importantly, I have actually been able to recreate some of the great and unsurprisingly very glam looks following the very clear instructions in her step-by-step tutorials!

A must see if you are after honest reviews and glamorous looks!

Fleur de Force

I love Fleur's channel because it is what I would describe as quintessentially British - she has the great individual, quirky style Britain has been renowned for since the 60s and this innate sense of style also informs all her product reviews and tutorials.

What makes her blog really great for me is that it is easy to relate to and that she always recommends really good quality products and consequently, I really trust her recommendations.!

This channel would also be great to subscribe to for anybody based outside Britain as it gives a great overview of what is currently trending in Britain both make up wise and in relation to skin care products.

An absolute "must subscribe"!

Melmphs knows Makeup

I really adore Melissa's channel - her videos are incredibly high energy and always leave me with a smile on my face!

If she is happy about a product, she is really happy about it and if she can't stand it you'll know about it! Great, straight to the point reviews which are always made personal - you feel part of the story.

Go and check out her channel - it is not just super entertaining but also provides a wealth of information at the same time!

These are my personal, most watched Top 5 You Tube Beauty Gurus!

Disclaimer:No responsibility shall attach to the writer in relation to but not restricted to new YouTube addictions and time spent watching videos rather than doing college work, work or housework.

Do you love these Beauty Gurus as well?
Which other Beauty Gurus do you recommend?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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