Thursday, 12 September 2013

LOTD/Lip of the Day - Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in 020 "Rusty in Peace"

Feeling autumnal today and here is my transitioning into autumn lip look!

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A very shiny lip courtesy of the Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in 020 "Rusty in Peace"

I'm now really getting into this colour as its burned orange colour makes me think of crunching through fallen, autumn leaves! I love the smooth application, the shiny finish and the super creamy texture on my lips - I also really focus on keeping my lips moisturised moving into autumn.

Once the gloss wears of subtle stain remains.

(click here for my "Swatches & First Impressions" of the Catrice Pure Shine Lip Color Balms)

Has the change of seasons influenced what you are wearing on your lips?
What's your go-to autumn look?

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