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Gosh Cosmetics - Matt Duo Eye Shadow in 001 Brown Base and 002 Melting Pale: Swatches & First Impressions

I have been wanting to try out Gosh Cosmetics for a while and when I discovered them being available tax-free on the Amsterdam - Newcastle ferry, it would have been rude not to give them a try.

In the UK they are exclusively available from Superdrug - both in store and online.

And this is what I got:

Matt Duo Eye Shadows

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Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows in their original packing
The Matt Duo Eye Shadows come in  seven different colour pairings with an emphasis on muted, wearable colours.

They are retailing for £5.99 for 2g/01oz of product.

This is what Gosh says about their eye shadows:
"Extremely high colour-pay off and the colour pigmentations are amazing.  The texture is not dusy and does not crack.  It gives an opportunity to create all different kinds of looks.  Perfectly suitable for natural day wear and more intense and dramatic evening looks.  A good tip: it can be used alone or combined with a shinier or metallic textured eye shadow to highlight under the eye brow or the inner part of the eye to make shiny effects:

  • matt texture
  • amazing colour pigmentation
  • beautiful colour combinations
  • long lasting" 

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Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows

 From left to right I got the following Duos:  001 Brown Base and 002 Melting Pale

And this is how they swatch:
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No flash or primer used.

Gosh, Gosh eye shadows, gosh eyeshadow duos, matt eye shadows, blendable eye shadows, high quality eye shadows
No primer or flash used.

First Impression of the Gosh Cosmetics Matt Duo Eye Shadows:
I'm really pleased with my choice!

And this is why:

  • The two shades contained in both duos are co-ordinated beautifully allowing to achieve a minimal, natural yet very flattering eye look - 002 Melting Pale is perfect for creating a completely natural eye with colour so subtle you wouldn't even know I had applied eye make up, yet completely perfecting the eye area creating a "born with it" look.  The colours contained in 001 Brown Base or deeper yet still light enough to be flattering  and natural during the day;
  • the eye shadows are completely matt without being chalky;

  • the smooth and buttery colours swatched intensely and true to colour
  • and lastly, when applied to the eyelid they felt silky smooth blending easily and seamlessly with great staying power throughout the day creating a beautiful natural look!

As they are amazingly soft, it is necessary to be careful when transferring colour from the compacts onto an applicator or brush to minimise fall-out - once you have succeded in getting your colour on, the results, however, are stunning!

Overall Verdict

I think with these Matt Duo Eye Shadows, Gosh has created a high quality product at a very affordable price point.  

008 Dusty Purple is on my Wishlist!

Do you enjoy the Matt Duo Eye Shadows from Gosh Cosmetics?
If so which one(s) do you recommend?

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