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Review - MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation in "Porcelain"

I always struggle to find foundation which matches my skin tone beautifully and a lot of the time when I test foundations out in the shop a lot of ivory foundations show up orange against my skin or look just way to tanned.  Consequently, I am always on the look-out for a creamy, pale foundation to match my skin tone.

I am also obsessed with having naturally "glowy" skin as my skin is on the dry side so finding a foundation to keep me matte is not one of my main requirements.

It is retailing for £5 and is available either from (both in-store and online) or via

This is what the company says about its foundation:

"Undress your Skin Illuminating Foundation offers a medium to full coverage and is suitable for any skin type. It gives your skin an even-toned glow and visibly gives a soft healthy radiant finish, the formula contains light-diffusing particles leaving your skin feeling refreshed and luminous all day."

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"Undress Your Skin" in "Porcelain"

MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation in "Porcelain - the Review

Initially I applied the foundation over my normal daily moisturiser for foundation days(Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream For Dry and Sensitive Skin SPF15), I had problems applying the foundation as it was hard to spread and was setting incredibly quickly.  I really had to work quite hard and extremely fast to apply my foundation and to achieve an even cover.

Bearing in mind my normally dry skin I decided to switch to a richer moisturiser to see whether that would have an effect on ease of application.  I switched to my Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and Serum Duo to see whether that helped.

And indeed the foundation went on quickly without streaks and was now easy to blend into my skin.  So basically, it appears that this needs a smooth base to glide on to though if your skin is less dry this might not be much of an issue.

Once the moisturising issue was solved application was easy - I applied the foundation with my clean fingers and also with a damp cosmetic sponge  - both forms of application worked for me (I'm not a foundation brush person). 

The foundation sets fast, so it's important to blend it in quickly to achieve a flawless finish.

Feeling on Skin
Once on it feels light on my skin as if I'm not wearing anything.  If I touch my skin, it is slightly tacky to the skin. However, as I'm not in the habit of touching my face this is not an issue for me.

Colour Match
I'm really pleased with it as "Porcelain" is a really great light shade which will be perfect during the coming autumn and winter months when my skin is bound to get even paler.  A great budget option to try out for anybody who is struggling to match their foundation to their pale skin tone.

I'd say on me the foundation is medium coverage after one layer - it can, however, be easily build up to a fuller level of coverage where you need it without looking cakey (I did this on my chin and around my nose).

I really enjoy "Undress Your Skin"'s finish - on my skin the effect is semi-matte with a subtle shine.  The skin looks even but not flat. The illuminating effect is very subtle. I'd say the finish on me is best described as "My skin - but better!".

I did not use any primer or powder because I wanted to see how the foundation performed on its own.  On me the foundation lasted very well, once applied it basically didn't budge and on one occasion I caught my reflection in the mirror when leaving the cinema after a good five hours wear and literally stopped in my tracks as the finish looked so immaculate!

If anything, the finish on this improves with wear.

Bearing in mind that my skin is dry I can't comment on how this foundation would wear on somebody with oilier skin.

Overall Verdict

I think this is a really great budget-friendly option for achieving a long-lasting natural looking finish which applies really well on well-moisturised skin!

I am thinking of giving the "Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer" a try!

Have you tried the MUA "Undress Your Skin" Illuminating Foundation?
Did you enjoy it?

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