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P2 Limited Edition: "Aufgebrezelt" - Swatches & First Impressions

When checking P2's Facebook while on holiday in Germany I spotted a post announcing the Oktoberfest Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"!

Limited Edition "Aufgrebrezelt" - Pictures courtesy of P2.

I had to of course go and check it out - and this is what I got!

Blush "sei ned schuechtern" in 010 spatzerl & 020 zuggerschneggal
Blushes "sei ned schuechtern!" & eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi"

P2 Eyeshadows "Aufgrebezelt" - "wiesn gaudi"

The Eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi" were available in 3 colours.  I chose a pale pink and an aubergine coloured eyeshadow as I thought these would be a good addition to my current eyeshadow collection which is a bit on the neutural side otherwise...

There was also a pale blue 030 enzian shade which I didn't pick up for myself but got (together with the other two shades for a UK/Germany - US swap I've been working on for the past two months or so).

They were retailing at 2.85.

And this is what the product says (in German) at the bottom of the eyeshadow:

"The pearly texture in trendy colours creates a cheeky Oktoberfest look - which goes with every dirndl.
  • skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed"

P2 Limited Edition eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi" in 010 vergissmeinnicht and 020 alpenrose
Eyeshadows "wiesn gaudi"

From left to right I got the following colours:  020 alpenrose and 010 vergissmeinicht

And this is how they swatch:

P2 cosmetics; P2 eyeshadow: P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"
No flash or primer used.

First Impression of the P2 Eyeshadows "Aufgrebezelt" - "wiesn gaudi" (fun at the Oktoberfest fun fair)

I am happy with the two eyeshadows!

And here is why:

  • Both colours are look great on - "010 vergissmeinnicht" is a flattering aubergine colour with a subtle pearly shimmer making it in my opinion very wearable and "020 alpenrose" is a super pretty, very pale pink which has the same subtle peraly shimmer;
  • the colours swatched great and create a good colour resullt even without a primer;

  • they glide on and blend out very easily to create a nuanced look;
  • and I found that the two colours I chose harmonized very well together and I will also use the pale pink colour 010 "alpenrose" as a brow bone highlighter or to add extra light to the inside corner of my eye. I also think that the aubergine colour 020 "vergissmeinnicht" would make a great crease colour to add a bit more spice to a neutral eye.

Seeing that I am a purveyor of all things pink - short of colouring my hair that colour - I can see myself using these a lot!

P2 Blushes "sei ned schuechtern" (don't be shy)

When I first saw the above two blushes in the display, I was a bit unsure whether to take the plunge or not as they looked quite a bit brighter when what I would normally go for.

So I first only got the orange blush and then had to go back to pick up the pink one the next day after having swatched my first acquisition.

They are retailing for €3.25.

This is what it says on the back of the blush (the text is printed on in English and German):

"Long lasting blush with a creamy texture ideal for blending. With intensely beaming colors, your cheeks will look natural and perky. Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed" 
P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"; P2 blush, P2 cream blush, P2 cosmetics
Blushes "sei ned schuechtern!"

From top to bottom I got the following colours:  020 zuggerschneggal and 010 spatzerl

And this is how they swatch:

P2 blushes; P2 Limited Edition; P2 cosmetics
No primer or flash used.

First Impression of the P2 Blushes "sei ned schuechtern":
I recently started to get really into cream blushes (thanks Bourjois) and so I'm now picking up other brands as well to add to the collection.

And here is what I thought:

  • The two shades I have chosen (010 "spatzerl" and 020 "zuggerschneggal") look really *bright* in the pan - almost scarily so - but they sheer out beautifully to a flattering peach tone and transluscent pink tone with a very light mauve undertone;
  • the colour of both blushes is bildable allowing to go for a stronger look if desired;
  • both colours blend very well allowing for well-blended, non-streaky application;
  • they have a nice, creamy finish creating a natural glow;
  • and both blushes have lasted well on my cheeks even though I did not set them with either a powder blush or setting powder

The blushes are definitively a throughly enjoyable product!

And in case you don't know what the "Oktoberfest" is - hint: in England it is called: "Beer Festival":

Overall Verdict

I am really pleased with the choices I made from the P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt" and I will be looking forward to next year's Oktoberfest Limited Edition!

Have you tried anything from the P2 Limited Edition "Aufgebrezelt"?
If so which ones are your favourites?

Thanks so much for reading this post.

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See you soon!


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